How to create your own 21st century kitchen

How to create your own 21st century kitchen – words Alexa Wang

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, which is why it’s worth the time and expense of bringing yours right up to date so that it serves you best. Now, for the purpose of this article, let’s not be constrained by budget.

Of course, you’ll be working to a budget in a reality, but to give you a full overview of the kinds of things that are possible, here’s everything you can do to create your very own 21st century kitchen. If you like any of these ideas, see if you can re-work your available funds, or simply talk to an architect, retailer or designer to see what’s achievable on your budget.


Open it up

Open plan living (a feature of mid-century design) has becoming ever-more trendy since it first took hold in the 1950s and 60s in America, and now many of us would consider an open-plan kitchen diner to be the dream configuration for a space. So, knock down those dividing walls and open the room right up. It has to be one of the first steps in remodeling a kitchen. You may need to reinforce the wall and ceilings with a supporting beam to do this, but if you’re lucky, it’ll simply be a case of taking down a stud wall. This will give you lots more room to work with, and ensure you can cook, eat, socialise and entertain in a kitchen that’s spacious and stylish.

Add skylights

Next up, why not add a skylight? You won’t need to do this if your kitchen is already well-lit, but skylights can flood a room with lots of natural light, and are a particularly good idea if your kitchen is actually an extension to the original property.

Consider bi-folding doors

Similarly, bi-folding doors let in lots of light through huge panels of stylish glass, and they have the effect of making it appear as though the inside and outside of your home are one homogenous living space to spend time in. Enhance the transition between your kitchen and garden rather than interrupting it by installing bi-folding doors, enjoying eating al fresco on the patio or watching the changing weather from the warmth of your kitchen.

Invest in state of the art appliances

Of course, no kitchen could be said to be brought into the 21st century without the addition of some 21st century appliances. Consider how you use your space and see what works for you. For example, a state of the art double American fridge-freezer will mean your family benefits from mountains of space – always a necessity in busy households. But, you can never have enough fridge space (even with a double fridge-freezer), so think about adding an appliance that serves as an extra fridge (as well as a freezer, chill, pantry and wine-store).

A CoolDrawer from Fisher & Paykel will give you exactly this kind of functionality, making it a practical and stylish addition to a 21st century kitchen that’s geared up for socialising as well as family life. You could also take the opportunity to install water purifiers in your taps, Bluetooth controlled ovens or even worktop microbrewery machines – whatever you think your dream kitchen needs!

Style it up

Finally, a kitchen is no longer just a functional place. It’s now a room we spend the majority of our time in, so it’s important the space actually reflects your taste and personality. It’s what 21st century kitchen design is all about. Imbue your kitchen with the vibe you’re going for elsewhere in your home: whether that’s adding potted plants, magnificent artwork or a collection of vintage posters, you’ll make your kitchen feel well and truly up-to-date if you treat it like the extension of your living space that it actually is.

How to create your own 21st century remodel kitchen – words Alexa Wang






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