We all need a little creativity – here’s how to get some of it


Within the human brain lies so many pieces of information. Our minds are so complex that it’ll take many, many years to figure out even the smallest details of them. We have so much data stored in there because we need to pull out different bits at different times.

Sometimes they’re instinctive in order to survive a certain instance. Sometimes we dig for something that’s buried deep within, and it can take a while to access it. It’s like we have a supercomputer stored up there. We take for granted what we have because it’s always been here and we know no different, but it’s really a crazy thing.

little creativity

What’s even more beautiful about our brains is that we can constantly input more and more information into it. It’ll never be full. We’re constantly picking up new tidbits in life; we’re also adding new skills to our repertoire every single day without even realizing – skills that will constantly help us through different parts of life.

A huge trait that we all need to have at least a little bit of is creativity – the idea of starting off with a blank canvas, and conjuring up something completely new in our minds. Inventing new things, coming up with ways to solve a problem, providing entertainment for others, impressing others – you name it.

If you look through every single community on the planet, you’ll find people that have creativity flowing through them effortlessly. You’ll also find many that have little-to-no inventive bones in their bodies. The common misconception with this kind of thing is that you’re either born with it or you aren’t. That’s not true at all. It’s a skill that is practiced and worked on just like every other. Perhaps you’re in the same boat: if you feel as though you don’t quite have the colourful brain that you’d like, do you think it’ll be that way forever? Well, the answer is no.

If you keep your mind focused on this kind of thing, then there’s no reason why you can’t build up some creativity. Anyone can do it, and the fun thing is that it’s not really an overly technical or difficult set of steps. Here are just a few things you can do in order to boost your creative side a little. 


If you’re quite the bookworm, then you’ll know all about how the words on a page can make you feel some kind of way. They can take you away from where you’re sat, and teleport you into an entirely new world – all within the confines of your own head. While you do this kind of thing, your brain is subconsciously taking in loads of info — the words themselves, the ideas, imagery, and a heap of other stuff. You can also actively try to pick a few things up, too. You can read something that comes across as fairly ambiguous, and try to decode what the writer’s message was. Coming up with different meaning and outcomes can unlock parts of your brain that you never used before.

Listen To More Music  

You probably have a particular band or genre that you like. Everybody listens to a bit of music every now and again. A good way of upping your creativity is to listen to it quite a bit, though. Within songs, there lies a lot of emotion and feeling. There can be an awful lot of depth in some tunes that, when you uncover it a little, you can really see what’s beyond the words.

Take Up Music

When you play a musical instrument, you’re, a lot of the time, trying to come up with new sounds and melodies that have never been made before. While there are only so many different patterns in the world, you can always come up with something and piece together an original. Constantly practicing this kind of thing means you’re constantly looking for new ways to solve this particular puzzle. You’re trying to be more creative. You could also try to write some lyrics or take up some songwriting lessons to unlock your inventive side. Much like reading and writing novels, songs need to have that different angle and that element of invention.

Just Start Writing!  

Get a pen and paper, or a document on your computer, and start writing things out. You’d be amazed at what your mind can come up with if you allow it to explode. Following on from the previous point: if you wanted to just write out a song, then you could literally just come up with stuff and write it down – it doesn’t matter if it’s terrible. That’s all part of the process. As you write more and more, you’ll become more confident in what you’re laying out – whether it’s good or bad. Putting on a page makes you feel much better than keeping it in your head.

Play Some Video Games

Video games, while mainly used for recreation and to get away from thinking too much, can subconsciously open your creative side. Much like with books, they allow you to delve into fantasy worlds that have been conjured up by nothing other than someone else’s thoughts. The difference, of course, being that you have it right in front of you, whereas you must use your imagination when you read.

Think Of Business Ideas  

This might seem like a weird one, but in order to start a business, you must have the ability to come up with something out of precious little. You take something with no substance, plan it all out, and then bring it to life. There aren’t many more things in life that require creativity and problem-solving. Coming up with an attractive name, figuring out catchy phrases and marketing ploys, thinking of the business itself – they’re all things you invent in your mind. Coming up with something like this could boost your brainpower and reward you financially at the same time. 

Visit Different Places  

When you go to different parts of the world on vacation or for any other reason, you’re being introduced to entirely new concepts and ideas. Ones that you probably could never even fathom before. They say travel broadens the mind, and your creative side will be broadened massively as you constantly learn about new things.

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