Best free remote desktop tool to use in 2019

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Remote desktop tools have been around for a while. They were developed to aid IT administrators and managers to access connected computers from a remote access or from a “master” computer. With advancement of mobile-phone technology, remote desktop tools are not only used by IT administrators and manager alone, as ordinary users now have a need to control their computer from a remote location.

There are a lot of remote desktop tools available for use; some are free, while some are paid versions. With these types of tools, IT administrators and managers can fix certain issues on connected computers without causing a hindrance to the user of the computer. This is possible because the software works in the background and also helps remotely manage your computer, storage and network resources no matter where the computer is located. Although Windows systems come with its own default remote desktop tool, you can use any of The following software, as they are the best free remote desktop tools to use in 2019.


This software is equipped with features that will enable you to have easy access to your computer from a remote location or from a “master” computer. UltraVNC is really effective for IT administrators that wish to correct an error in a connected computer as well as ordinary users trying to help a friend. The developers of UltraVNC ensure that all communications are encrypted which guarantees your computer’s safety. You can transfer files and folders with the VNC tool, as well as chat with another computer user on the same network. UltraVNC is a good choice if you require access to your computer remotely and is compatible with other VNC types. You will be required to set two different passwords if you want to use UltraVNC, one password is for complete control of the computer while the other is required only for view mode.

free remote desktop tool

This remote desktop tool works very fast, and a smooth operation is guaranteed. A standout feature of UltraVNC is that it comes with a friendly interface that a beginner can easily understand. You can easily select the resolution you want to use the remote machine in and all your connections are encrypted to ensure a secure connection. UltraVNC is a really good remote desktop tool that you should use.

Remote Utilities

This software comes packed with a lot of remote access tools that are great for both spontaneous and unattended remote access.Remote Utilities is totally free to download that works by pairing two remote computers together with an internet ID. With Remote Utilities, you have access to up to ten different computers. This software does not require installation, as it can be launched using a flash drive. You must share your internet ID with other computer clients connected to your network to gain access to any of them. Remote Utilities also has applications for iOS and Android devices, so users can control their computer with their phone.

free remote desktop tool

Remote Utilities allows the following modules: a remote task manager, file transfer, remote file launcher, text chat, remote webcam viewing, remote rebooting, access to command prompt and system information manager. This software’s standout feature is that it allows remote printing and viewing multiple monitors. If you are a first time user, it can be very confusing setting up the program.

Connectwise Control

Connectwise Control is a powerful remote desktop utility that comes with a lot of features and is really easy to set-up. This software comes with two options: support and access; the former is a cloud based service that enables real time access to a computer, while the latter is essentially for managing large groups of machines. Once you have this software installed, you are guaranteed of strong access to your computer.

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There is a free trial version of this software that you can download, but if you require full access to the software’s capabilities, then it is important you go for the paid version.

Chrome Remote Desktop

A lot of people do not know that such a remote desktop tool is in existence. Chrome desktop tool is another powerful remote desktop tool that offers basic functions you expect from any software of this nature. What Chrome Remote Desktop requires is that the host computer and client machine both have Chrome browser installed on it. The host will have to create a pin that grants you access to other computers. You do not need Chrome running for you to use this software.

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Chrome Remote Desktop is perhaps the most unpopular software on this list, but it has been tested and trusted by a lot of users. Unlike UltraVNC, there is not chat option that you can use to communicate with other users.


AeroAdmin is a very portable software that has both free and paid versions. With AeroAdmin, your connections with other computers on the network are secured with encryption. It is very good for spontaneous and unattended access, therefore you do not need the regular user of a computer to grant you access to his/her computer before you can gain access. One draw back of this software is that there is no chat option available, which makes UltraVNC the best among these ones here-listed.

free remote desktop tool

If you are searching for the best remote desktop tool to use in 2019, then one of these will definitely suit your needs. Although Remote Desktop tools were formerly created for IT administrators and managers, it has evolved to being an important software for all types of users.


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