9 essential features every jewellery ecommerce website should have

words Alexa Wang

Selling jewelry online can be tricky. With so many brick-and-mortar jewelry stores, why would customers choose to buy expensive pieces of jewelry online without being able to feel them or touch them? In addition, there is a great number of online jewelry stores, so how will people know which one is trustworthy and reliable?

Building an eCommerce jewelry website that looks trustworthy isn’t easy. You need to make sure that people believe what they see and for that, you’ll need to pay attention to each detail on the site. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of 9 important points you need to keep in mind before your jewelry site goes live.

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1. Jewelry Inventory Software

Using spreadsheets for orders and inventory management is still a widespread method for many small companies. This might do the trick if your company is selling a few pieces of jewelry a day, but once your business starts growing, keeping up with all the information becomes more difficult without an automated solution. Having a well-built jewelry inventory management software at this point could take your company to the next level.

A jewelry inventory software will help you to assort and label each and every jewelry piece. This software is designed to help you manage jewelry-specific qualities like materials, sizes, and finishes, product inventory, pricing, and track customers and suppliers. It will provide full data visibility in a streamlined, intuitive manner to help you cover everything from accounting to sales with an aim to make your job more comfortable and effective. 

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2. A Great Website

If your eCommerce website is complex and confusing, your potential customers will most likely leave before even trying to make a purchase. With the Volusion eCommerce website builder, you will ensure that your website is well-performing, user-friendly and has a clean design with a simple but elegant look. Your homepage should state clearly what you’re selling and your products should be sorted in categories to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

3.  Detailed Product Descriptions

Product descriptions also play an important role when it comes to building trust but they can also help you rank better in search engines. When writing your product descriptions, ensure that they’re easy to understand and enticing. But most importantly, ensure that they contain enough details about the jewelry pieces.

Imagine that you own a brick-and-mortar store. Customers would walk in and ask a bunch of questions about the jewelry piece they are interested in: they’ll ask about the value of gems used, the amount of gold, the price, etc. This kind of discussion is impossible when people are shopping online, so a lack of information could turn them off. For that reason, you need to provide all the necessary info for your customers, plus showcase all the standards and certificates your jewelry meets.

It’s also helpful if you offer price break-ups. For example, you can state the price of the gems used, the price of the gold used, the wasting and making wasting charges, etc. This will help you stand apart from the competitors who don’t offer price break-ups and build trust among your customers.

4. High-Quality Photos

Great photography is, without a doubt, the most important feature of every eCommerce site. No matter how great your jewelry pieces are, if the images are of poor quality, you can’t expect to make any sales. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • The images on your website should have a white background in order to emphasize the intricate details of each jewelry piece.
  • Make sure the images show the right design, color, and size.
  • Customers should be able to zoom and look at the products from multiple angles.

5. About Us Page

Shopping for jewelry is a very personal experience – it is often bought as a gift or for special occasions such as weddings. For that reason, sharing your brand’s story on an About Us page can help you establish a connection with the customer and build trust.

Before your customer makes a buying decision, they will want to know who is behind your e-store: Is it a family business? Does it have a long tradition? What makes it different from the other stores? Make sure to provide as much info as possible about your eCommerce store and the people behind the brand.

6. Terms and Conditions Page

Due to the fact that shopping for jewelry online can be risky and expensive, the Terms and Conditions page is a very important element of your website. Customers want to be sure they can exchange or return a piece of jewelry they paid a substantial amount for. Make sure that all your Shipping, Returns, Billing, Insurance, and Exchange Terms and Conditions are visible and easy to understand.

7. Efficient Customer Service

When it comes to selling online, the job doesn’t end once the sale is made – it begins right after. When it comes to offering efficient customer service, here are a couple of things that can help you out:

  • Offer multiple channels of contact with your customers (email, phone, live chat) and ensure that all these channels are active and clearly visible on your website.
  • Check-in with your customers to see if they received the product in good condition, and if that’s not the case, offer your help.
  • Finally, stay in touch with your consumers via emails about new products, offers, and reviews.

8. Offer Multiple & Secure Payment Options

Offering multiple and secure payment options is a great way to assure your customers that their personal info and credit card details are in safe hands. In addition to helping you establish a trustworthy relationship, secure payment options also allow for easy international payments which is another big plus.

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9. Valuable Content

Use your website to interact with the people who visit it. Fill it up with educational articles, interesting videos, add a live chat screen, offer coupons and special offers for first-time users, etc. However, make sure not to overdo it and overwhelm your customers from the very beginning.

Final Thoughts

Building and maintaining a successful online jewelry store takes a lot of work. A user-friendly website is a great place to begin, but the most important task is to show customers they can trust you. Be transparent and provide enough details about your jewelry pieces. Use social media and testimonials to demonstrate that you’re not a scam. Offer efficient customer service to take any hesitation away. Every step you take towards improving your online business will increase your loyal customer base and, eventually, boost sales.


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