How to keep your home always guest-ready

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home guest-ready

When you invite friends and certain visitors over to your place, you make sure that everything is in order before their arrival- the food, certain entertainment arrangements and most importantly, your house. But at times, you might have to tend to uninvited guests that visit while they are ‘just around the corner’.

Imagine your house being a huge mess while that happens. Your home should always be clean and in order, not just for your guests, but also for your personal hygiene and your family’s health. Apart from the hectic weekly cleaning routines and going bonkers in maintaining your abode all the time, there are a few other things you can consider that are often ignored but can transform your place into a haven.

So to ensure that your house is always guest-ready, especially for parties and huge gatherings, you can follow these tips to impress your visitors:

It Should Always Smell Good

As soon as your guests enter the house, the fresh and breezy smell will uplift their senses, making them automatically get a sense of comfort and feel at ease. Using an air freshener in the modest corners of your house is the simplest way to keep your house smelling fresh and good. You can also purchase special incense sticks or home musks that leave a pleasant fragrance in the air. It is important that your house smells good because you are used to it and might not notice any musky odor lingering around, which can be automatically detected by your guests. An ingenious way to spread pleasant aroma around is to use flowers. Colorful bouquets will adorn the room with a pop of hue and serve the purpose of fanning a sweet smell. Scented candles and essential oils can also help.

Also, keep it well ventilated and let fresh air come in time and again. But before you get your air fresheners in order, make sure that your garbage cans, kitchen, refrigerator, and toilets are clean because these places are responsible for prevailing stinky odors.

Ensure the Functionality of Your Air Conditioner

You do not want your guests to be sweating and sitting in a hot living area during a gathering, which can eventually drive them away sooner during the night. Ensuring that your air conditioner is functioning properly is important to make your guests feel comfortable, especially when they are present for at least a few hours. The technicians at Coolbest aircon servicing suggest regular checkups and servicing for your air conditioner to maintain it constantly. If you are yet to buy an air conditioner, research properly for a well functioning unit and in order to save on electricity, bills and maintenance costs.

Keep Your House Clutter-Free

A messy house is a huge no-no, not only for your guests but also for you. Dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, piles of clothes on the sofa and toys lying on the floor are extremely off-putting. These sloppy habits can affect your family’s health and hygiene, and definitely ruin your reputation in front of your guests. An easy way to declutter is by cleaning up the mess as soon as it happens. Little things like cleaning a single dish or sweeping crumbs off the floor immediately keep the house neat and tidy all the time, saving you the hassle of cleaning it up all at once. You would definitely feel less anxious and more relaxed when you keep your house clutter-free. If you think you have too many things in the house, you need to let unnecessary ones go which will make cleaning easier and will treat the hoarder within you.

guest-ready tips

Stock Up Your Fridge

This tip is extremely useful while encountering unexpected guests. Offering snacks and drinks to them is common courtesy. If you are not prepared for it, you might not leave a good impression on them. Stock up your fridge and pantry with crunchy snacks, chocolates, cheese, fruits, soda, and beer. It is natural and expected to munch on food and sip on drinks while chatting away. Going a little fancy is always welcomed. Saving internationally bought or imported food will leave a steep mark of thoughtfulness. It might seem insignificant at the moment, but your guests would definitely rejoice and recall the exquisite Danish cookies or French cheese that they had during the visit. If you bake, prepare a cake or your special loaf of bread that can last long in the fridge. After all, hearing compliments about your baking skills is always exulting.

You can also consider redecorating your house within a budget. We are suggesting small changes that fit well within budgets, such as changing the curtains or upholstery, choosing a different color palette for your living area and adding some accessories such as photo frames, books or small lamps. It will also give you a much-needed change and would certainly be ready for the guests, prepared to invite them over.


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