What is robotic automation? What does it mean for the future of our jobs?

What is robotic automation? What does it mean for the future of our jobs? – words Alexa Wang

Robotic Automation or Robotic Process Automation, RPA for short is the future of making everyone’s jobs a lot less demanding and a lot easier.

What is it automation and the future of jobs? It is the use of adding robots to the workforce so they can do the most daunting tasks, allowing for us humans to do what we are best at in our jobs.


Now, don’t think that these robots are going to take over our jobs, because that is not the case. In fact, according to co-founder of the leading company called Symphony Ventures, Ian Barkin, this RPA technology can speed up the process of the tasks humans have been doing, such as daunting and tedious work, by doing it for them, while the human employees can work on more exciting things. Because of this, according to many employers who are introducing RPA into the workplace, this makes the humans happier, and they may even see these robots as part of the team.

Businesses who have already started using automated robotic systems and working with robotic automation companies in the workplace are seeing a significant ROI or return on investment. In fact, according to CBR, or Computer Business Review, UK company, Telefonica O2 brought on more than 160 robots to help with the more tedious tasks. They got them done much faster than the humans did and this brought on an ROI of more than 650 percent within the last three years. The reason for this is because robots can work faster than humans and since starting the RPA technology in the workplace, they can process 400,000 to 500,000 transactions per month, which significantly increased the ROI. Improving the ROI, in turn, makes customers happier, which makes the business owner happier, as well as making the human employees more comfortable because they don’t have to do the monotonous tasks anymore. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

Because of this significant difference in production for Telefonica, many will be soon to follow, and robots will be the main conversation around the workplace.

Not only are more businesses using RPA technology because of the success of other companies, but companies are investing in this new technology. For example, UiPath started investing in RPA technology this past March and Blu Prism was soon to follow them.

It is not just an interest in the RPA technology and how it works, but there is even a high interest in making RPA tools readily available for businesses. For example, Symphony Ventures is one of the first of these companies making the RPA tools available at any time for companies who decide they want to use them in the workplace.

The demand for this technology is growing all the time, it seems. Because of this demand, there will soon be more businesses creating this AI technology for those businesses who want to ride the bandwagon and get with the 21st Century by bringing robots into the workforce.

Right now, there is enough interest in RPA technology for these businesses to keep creating the RPA tools, as well as be available for support when it is needed. There is also enough interest coming from businesses to want to bring these robots on to join their human counterparts and get their work done faster and without human error.

Some people still think that these robots are going to take over our jobs. Quit thinking like that! It is because of these robots that we have a better job than we ever did before because they can take on the tasks we didn’t want to do before but knew we had to in order to keep our job, and this leaves us able to concentrate on the more interesting and exciting things about our position.

Hopefully, RPA technology will find its way around every office job, every factory job, and every other job out there to make the business owner’s ROI even better, making them happier, the customers more satisfied, and even the employees more satisfied. Another advantage of this is more money for the business owner, which means more money for the employee because the business owner can now afford to gives raises and promote within.

What is robotic automation? What does it mean for the future of our jobs? – words Alexa Wang




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