Stuart Pearce signs for Longford AFC the worst team in England

You have to feel sorry for the long suffering fans of Longford AFC. This is a team that has long lost its winning ways. After scoring no points all season and conceding an average of ten goals a game though things have recently gone from bad to worse.

Drastic action was needed, step forward football legend Stuart Pearce courtesy of the #directfix team.

Stuart Pearce signs for Longford AFC in the January transfer deadline to try and bring some joy back to the depressed Longford AFC fans. This is a team that had seen two managers leave as well as most of the A side.

Stuart Pierce, now 53, was brought out of retirement and was drafted in by Direct Line to ‘Direct Fix’ the problem and transform the fortunes of the club.

The results? Well they still lost 1-0 to Wotton Rovers in the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division Two fixture. But it was an honourable defeat. It wasn’t the embarrassing flood of goals being witnessed by the long suffering fans and it gave the team a boost to go on to do better things for the rest of the season.

Do you need a fix yourself? Head to if you need their help.


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