Creative ways to use a wall tapestry

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wall tapestry tips

Looking back at our world history, during the Middle Ages, wall hangings were initially created in Christian monasteries and convents, depicting religious stories that would stir the interest of the common folk. The art form eventually spread to different communities through trade and posed as a symbol of power and wealth in most households. 

At present, wall tapestries are not only used to elegantly decorate our walls but it serves a functional purpose to provide privacy in the bedroom, partition sections of a home, prevent drafts and add warmth to a room.  They come in varying fabrics and hues to match everyone’s personal tastes.

These days, there is a large following for printed tapestries that use lightweight materials that make it easier to use and maintain. They are not only restricted to the wall but have found their way to becoming a valuable part of someone’s home and lifestyle. People are beginning to use it as a bedspread, canopy for their ceiling, even to a curtain. For people who love the outdoors, printed cotton tapestries have become staples at the beach, picnic trips and come in handy during festivals when you need a place to sit. The possibilities are endless.

The versatility of a wall tapestry can enable you to express your personal style and decorate in a manner that traditional art cannot. Vibrant or exaggerated colors can instantly make your space feel warm and lived in. If you want a more muted and sophisticated aesthetic, match the colors to the rest of your room’s palette. But to learn more about it all, let’s look into the creative ways of using wall tapestries to decorate your home.

Use a frame

Turn your wall tapestry into a work of art by stretching it over a wooden frame or board. Secure it with tacks or a staple gun. If the textile is thin, you may want to use a piece of fabric on your frame first before stretching. This will prevent the wood from showing through. Fragile fabrics can be protected better behind glass.

Try a rod

Use a rod to hang a rectangular tapestry or a wall tapestry that is particularly large. If the tapestry has pockets, insert the rod through the pockets. Another option is to drape the tapestry over a rod to create the illusion of a headboard in your bedroom or an interesting conversation piece over your sofa in the living room.

Design a canopy

Do not limit a tapestry to the wall. Hang the textile from the ceiling or drape it from the ceiling and let it rest onto the wall to initiate a romantic sitting area or dreamy bed. Use tapestries of different prints or textures that complement the shade of your walls.  A tapestry hanging from your ceiling can add a unique feel to your room or space.

wall tapestry


Use your tapestry fabric as a substitute for wallpaper. The different patterns and prints from a tapestry will transform your walls. It is a good solution for those on a budget and for those not wanting to invest in the tedious process of getting their walls painted. Tapestries are easier to change, so you can have different designs throughout the year.


Bring in a calming and relaxing feeling or a sense of privacy to your room by using a wall tapestry as a curtain.  A tapestry is a great and innovative way of filtering natural daylight. This is a trendy process of adding color to your room, especially when you are not a fan of dull plastic window blinds. Unlike a curtain, depending on the fabric and print, a tapestry dance with natural light, sometimes creating unique shadows and patterns in your room.

Furniture cover

-Give your old furniture a second chance by covering it with an elegant tapestry. Whether the tapestry that you choose is old or new, it will change the look of your sofa, table or chair. Some people even use it as a bedspread. Forget about the heavy and expensive comforters, adding a printed cotton tapestry on your bed can make your room more original. You can change designs every week. A worn-out sofa can be expensive to replace, but by covering it with a nicely designed lightweight cotton tapestry it will give it a new lease on life.


If you want to give your headboard in your bedroom an extraordinary appeal, covering it with a tapestry is a creative idea that will make your room look more unique. It can also be an effective way of covering a dull wall at the back of your bed. Try working with different patterns and textures to match the changes in seasons.

In closing, wall tapestries are a great way to decorate and add a luxurious feel to your room. Today’s pieces use fresh and improved fibers, textiles and pigments to produce trendy designs or patterns that pay homage to the past. Whichever way you choose to use a wall tapestry, make sure to have fun, be creative decorating, and let it be a true reflection of your spirit and personality.  



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