8 Rules to Effortlessly Decorate your Home

words Alexa Wang

Rules are only meant to be broken by those willing to go after what they desire. This speaks true when it comes to decorating and styling your personal space.

Whether you live in a bungalow or a tiny studio apartment, decorating your home is all about kicking the design book to the curb. That being said, some basic rules are essential in styling a home. Of course, feel free to add in your personal style and you will be on your way to achieving that dream home.

Effortlessly Decorate


Good lighting is paramount to any home. It creates a warm ambiance while improving the mood of an otherwise dull and unattractive space. A healthy amount of sunlight is great for a house; however, sunlight may not always reach the corners. Proper placement of lights such as ceiling lights, desk lamps and floor lamps is therefore essential. Lights are the keys to make any house a home while allowing the personality of the homeowner to shine through. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, you can change the lighting methods you use. LED ceiling lighting will light up a whole room in a way that is reminiscent of natural light. Interior design experts use the latest trends and have reviewed the best LED ceiling lights on the market.


Decorating involves a nice mix of things to give that elegance that is needed in a space. The blend of these things ought to be in perfect balance with the overall space. Pay attention to the dimension of a room to avoid bringing in furniture that is either too big or too small for a space. Before doing any purchases, it’s important to measure everything and check onto modern furniture online stores to see what can complement your space.


Homes nowadays are a curation of vintage pieces with modern designs. Blending styles from different eras creates a fun and exciting space. For rooms primarily furnished with old furniture, bringing in new pieces instantly adds opulence and oomph to a room. These could be anything from colored structured sofas that can easily be sourced from one of the best modern furniture online stores.


The greatest rule of decorating is to never sacrifice your comfort. There is nothing worse than having an aesthetically looking space that is simply inhabitable. Great design takes into account beauty and functionality. Every home should incorporate an owner’s interest, hobbies or history as seen in picture frames or book collections.


When decorating your home, it’s vital to make sure every room connects to everything in it. This is achieved through the use of common colors or texture in multiple spaces. One can pick a particular color for their entire home and decorate it over it. Another great way to make rooms flow together is through style. There are different styles in the market that one can choose, from contemporary, boho, eclectic, minimalist to modern designs.


Most interior decorators would advise one to start with the carpet before adding on anything to a room. It makes the work easy and sets as inspiration for the rest of the materials. It’s important to make sure the carpet isn’t floating in space. Tweak the furniture layout to ensure the legs of the furniture are sitting on the carpet.


Always preserve open spaces such as doorways and walking spaces. It’s an absolute no-no to cover them with the furniture as this will automatically make the room feel small and cramped. Even if you never use these spaces, it’s good to simply keep visually accessible.


When it comes to curtains, it’s good to defy gravity. Hang the drapes closets to the ceiling as it makes the room look taller. Long curtains give a room an aura of luxury and you can always fake the depth of a room.


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