The Pros and Cons of Being a Self-Employed Mechanic

words Al Woods

If you like working with cars, starting your own business as a car mechanic is probably an appealing idea. There are many perks of working as a self-employed car mechanic and you can do it from anywhere, whether you want to set up your own garage in the local area or work as a mobile mechanic or recovery service.

However, there are also some drawbacks to this career to consider, so we’ve put together some pros and cons for you to think about before you decide if it’s right for you.

Mechanic job

Pro – You Can Set Your Own Hours:

As a self-employed car mechanic, you are your own boss. If you decide that you need Wednesdays off, or you’d rather start and finish work later in the day, nobody is there to stop you. If you enjoy having the freedom and flexibility to do as you please at work, want to take holidays whenever suits you, and decide who you want to work with, this could be the ideal job for you.

Mechanic skills can also act as a gateway into the used car market, which is also a profitable business, especially if you can provide a guarantee when selling a used car. Make sure that any potential customers have proof of test drive insurance before letting them test drive any car. Having the requirement for test drive insurance will also remove any time wasters who have no intention of buying.  Arranging test drive insurance is now easy with many providers competing in the temporary car insurance offering 1-hour test drive or even 1 day test drive car insurance.

Pro – You’re in Demand:

As a self-employed car mechanic, you certainly won’t be left looking for work. More and more people have their own car, and a mechanic is always needed for anything from MOTs and servicing to major repairs after a collision. You can offer a wide range of general mechanic services, specialise in certain services or work with certain types of cars, depending on the demand in your area; it really is up to you.

Con – Work isn’t Guaranteed:

While there’s certainly a demand for good car mechanics, one of the drawbacks of starting your own business is that you can’t always guarantee yourself work, unlike when you’re employed. It’s down to you to go out and market the services that you provide, and ensure that you leave every customer satisfied so that they will come back for more and you get paid. If you’d rather be guaranteed a wage every month without the need to worry about advertising, employment might be a better option for you – there are plenty of garages to work for.

Con – The Costs:

Working as a self-employed car mechanic means that you can earn an unlimited amount of money. It’s down to you which jobs you want to take on, and if that means taking on more work so that you can earn more, you’re totally free to do so. However, bear in mind that in most cases, you will have expenses to pay too. You’ll need to make sure that you have adequate traders insurance if you are going to be driving your customers’ cars. If you operate from a garage, you’ll also need to consider the cost of renting or purchasing the space, keeping it secure, and hiring any employees you might need to help you run the business.

If you enjoy working with cars, starting your own business as a car mechanic might be a natural next step for you to take in your career.


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