Netflix – the platform of legendary series

words Alexa Wang

Emotional tension, fatigue and anxiety are words that have recently become almost synonymous with the word “21st century” for most people. Stress cannot be ignored, but there is good news! Thanks to movies and TV series you can take a break from work, news and restore your inner strength. To do this, you need to take just two steps: open the list of netflix series and choose the series that will help to distract from problems and anxieties. 

Series on Netflix is a universal way to relax for friends, lovers, the whole family or for those who want to be alone. 

Netflix legendary series

Why do millions of users choose Netflix?

Today it is difficult to find a person who has not heard about the Netflix movie and TV series streaming service at least once. The popularity of this platform is not accidental, because this service cares about its users and constantly improves the quality of its services. 

One of the biggest advantages of Netflix is the lack of advertising while watching movies and TV series. Of course, unnecessary advertising interferes and annoys, so Netflix made sure that viewers could enjoy watching without it. The platform also allows you to synchronize different devices: for example, you can watch half of the movie on TV, and the other half on your phone, computer or tablet. This option helps to save time and nerve cells of users. Another feature of this service is that it does not keep the intrigue, as other platforms do. Netflix immediately publishes the entire season of cult series, thanks to which the attention to this program is constantly growing around the world. 

Legendary series on Netflix

Every year the platform amazes its users with dozens of series with unique plots and different genres. Viewers highlight several legendary and cult series that are worth watching for everyone. 

Sex Education 

This series has become one of the most discussed in the last 10 years. It harmoniously combines comedy moments with serious problematic topics about sexual maturation of teenagers. “Sex education” will be interesting for both friends and parents of teenagers, who will be able to get many answers to questions about the behavior of their children.

Black Mirror

What dangers does the era of technology hide? What changes await our world under the influence of constant development? This dystopia gives its own answers to these questions. The series “Black Mirror” is not suitable for those who want to relax after a busy day. However, those who are interested in science fiction and the consequences of innovative progress will definitely become fans of this series. 

Money Heist

“Money Heist” has become the most popular non-English-language series on the Netflix platform. This fact is enough to watch a few episodes of this series and become a fan. Crime, robbery, manipulation, intrigue, intelligence, charisma – this is what awaits viewers in a dynamic and unpredictable plot. 

These three series are only half a percent of what can be found on Netflix. Relaxation, emotional reboot and unforgettable time with family or friends can be even better thanks to watching your favorite movies in high quality and without ads. 


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