6 Tips to Find the Best Food While Travelling

words Al Woods

Food While Travelling

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Go On A Cruise 

One way you can guarantee that you’ll get to try some of the very best food without even having to look too hard at all is to go on a cruise. Cruises are famous for having a massive amount of food from all over the world, and depending on the cruise you’re taking, you should be able to find cuisine from the area you’re sailing in. Don’t worry if you think that cruising is too expensive or not for you; you can get the best P&O cruises for a great price, so it’s well worth trying out. 

Ask The Locals 

If you want to experience authentic local cuisine and try something new that you might otherwise have missed, a great tactic is to ask a local. Chatting to locals is a great idea anyway, as you’ll get a much better feel for a place, but if you can find out where they would personally eat, you’re on to a good thing. These restaurants and cafes might be a little off the beaten track, but you’ll be getting authentic food, and therefore it’s worth a little extra effort. 

Translate The Menu

If you’re not sure what the menu is offering you, and therefore you decide to opt for something you do recognise, even if it’s not what you really want, you’re missing out. There could be untold delicacies waiting for you, and a language barrier shouldn’t mean you miss out. Download a translation app so you can work out exactly what’s on offer, and you might find the perfect dish to try out. 

Find A Local Market 

Depending on where you go, there might be ingredients you don’t recognise in the meals available. The truth is, it’s unlikely you’re going to like everything, but you don’t want to order something you end up not being able to eat. Going to a local market can solve this issue. In some cases, stallholders might offer free samples of various unusual ingredients, helping you gauge their flavour. If you can’t try something for free, you’ll often be able to buy things cheaply and taste them before ordering a meal that includes those ingredients. 

Join A Queue 

We all know the stereotype of the British loving a queue, so this idea may well appeal for a number of reasons. If you see a queue of people outside a particular eatery or street vendor’s stall, join it. There will be a reason the queue is a long one, and it’s likely because there is something delicious and interesting at the end of it. 

Read Blogs 

You’re not going to be the first person to go to a particular place, and that means you can easily search for blogs – and ideally specifically food blogs – that offer you some more insight into your destination. You may be able to find some great recommendations for an out-of-the-way restaurant or local dishes to help you make good choices when you arrive.


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