Cruising As a Family: The Do’s and the Don’ts

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Cruising as Family

A cruise vacation is an excellent holiday option for families. In particular, cruises are ideal for blended families and those with children of vastly differing ages. Most cruise lines offer a dazzling array of entertainment, events, and thrilling recreation options. However, without proper planning, your perfect cruise holiday can quickly hit a snag without adequate planning which is why you need to first read through our list of dos and don’ts for cruising as a family.

Do splurge on your room

No one intends to spend much time in their room on a cruise holiday as there is so much to do at any given moment. You are already paying a hefty sum to take the entire family on a cruise, so it is tempting to scrimp on your room. Nevertheless, we recommend splurging on a larger family room if you can afford this.

Do arrange pre and post-cruise accommodation

Cruise port cities are a hive of activity on the day before a cruise departure and the day of their return. There is a wealth of family-friendly hotels in convenient locations on allcruisehotels but be sure to secure your rooms early to avoid disappointment.

Do the math

It can feel like being back in a high school algebra class when navigating which drinks package on a cruise is the best option for your family. However, rather than not opting for a package or choosing whichever looks best at first glance, it is worth spending the time doing the math. Often, you are better paying for each drink rather than taking a package, particularly if your children are not allowed to overindulge on sodas.

Do unpack instantly

Do unpack the moment you get into your room before your kids have the opportunity to toss everything haphazardly out of their suitcases. A tidy and organized cruise room makes for a much more pleasant voyage, and there is only so much magic your room attendant can maneuver.

Don’t only consider Disney

Disney Cruises are fantastic, but they are not the only cruise line that caters to small children or families. Most cruise companies are excellent at keeping children of all ages entertained at all hours with an eclectic array of activities.

Don’t overpack

Cruise rooms are notoriously small, with bathrooms smaller like that on a plane, so you don’t want to overpack. Instead, keep a tight checklist of what to bring on a cruise in the weeks before your departure. Remember that many ships have a plethora of shops to choose from and that duffel bags are easier to store than hard-sided cases.

Don’t pack food or drinks

If your cruise is going to multiple countries, you may have issues packing any food or drinks in your luggage. Most cruise lines also scan bags for alcohol that passengers might be trying to sneak onboard. However, if you are worried about fussy little eaters, you can rest easy since the buffets have an overwhelming choice, including plain buttered noodles.

Don’t overindulge

While it is tempting to overindulge with so many luxuries constantly on offer, you don’t want to feel nauseous before you even set sail.

We are confident that any family that says cruise holidays aren’t their thing has never been on one themselves. However, with a bit of planning, you can ensure your next vacation is one that the entire family will be begging to do again.


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