Most popular landmarks in Rome

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Rome is a city on many people’s must-visit lists. With shopping, history and beautiful views aplenty, it’s no surprise tourists flock there. But it can be hard to know which places you should visit first. From the Sistine Chapel to the Roman Forum, there are loads of locations that you will have heard of and want to see while you’re there.

Find a Cheap Flight have researched what landmarks in Rome are popular with Britons, according to online searches. The team have aggregated a list of the most popular locations from churches and historical buildings to parks and more. No matter what you’re looking to do in Rome, you’ll find your ideal holiday visit.

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Are the historical monuments the most popular landmarks?

We’ve scoured the virtual streets of Rome through the search engines and Find a Cheap Flight found that the most popular locations are the one’s that tend to have some kind of historical interest. From the Colosseum to the frescos of the Sistine Chapel, people both google and flock to these sites every day.

A lot of these popular historical monuments also have religious significance. With Rome once having been the capital of an empire with a famous godly pantheon and now the home of the Vatican, that’s no surprise. What the data doesn’t show is whether people have been visiting these sites for religious or historical purposes. With so many people making a pilgrimage to visit Rome even now, it does seem likely that for many, there could be a spiritual purpose behind their trip. For whatever reason, these historical sites definitely appear to be the most popular.

That said, there are popular sites that aren’t connected to either history or religion. The National Portrait gallery might not be as popular as some of the locations, yet it’s often searched. If you’re looking for an opportunity to bask in culture, then this could be the day out for you.

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Chapels and Religious Places

Rome is a religious landmark for plenty. Back in medieval times, people would often take a pilgrimage to visit the city. Nowadays, this is less common. But the crowds that visit the Vatican suggest that this city is still significant.

The Vatican is a city within a city, which is why it can feel like you’re stepping somewhere completely new. Renowned for its architecture and artwork, it’s more than a centre for religion. If you have an interest in art or history, the museums’ house is a great place to stop. Around 5,400 in the UK search for this landmark per month. It might not seem like a large amount compared to some of the landmarks on this list, but when you think of how many people visit worldwide. It is a popular location.

Within the Vatican is another landmark that made this list; the Sistine Chapel. This chapel is the official home of the Pope but is also well known for the frescoes inside, of which Michaelangelo’s ceiling is the most famous. Many will be familiar with the Creation of Adam, but that’s only one part of the fresco, there is so much for visitors to see. More people, on average, have searched for The Sistine Chapel over the rest of the Vatican City. 22,200 people search for this beautiful building per month.

Last but not least is St Peter’s Basilica. The final religious site on the list, and of course, it resides within the Vatican. The renaissance style church is a pilgrimage spot for many. The architecture alone is enough to entice many tourists, yet for many, this is a building of religious significance. The building itself is home to many tombs and treasures. There’s a lot to look at inside and from the outside. St Peter’s square is a stunning location to stop and look around. This is a significant site, and 8100 people search it out online in an average month.

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Historical Sites

If you want a change from churches and other religious sites, there are still plenty of historical sites in Rome to capture the imagination.

Rome is home to the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. All three of these buildings were of great significance back when the Roman Empire was at its peak. And people still crowd them to visit this day.

The most popular historical building according to average searches is the Colosseum. It is the largest amphitheatre in the known world. In the past, the building has had many purposes. It’s most well known for being a stadium yet it was also the home to markets and temples.

These days the structure is mostly left as a public attraction. There is a museum dedicated to the God Eros. There are also sometimes religious events held there, but it’s mostly left as a monument. A lot of the structure has been destroyed over time due to thieves and earthquakes. But, thanks to restoration work, many levels have now been opened up to tours. With so much to see in a single structure, it’s no wonder that 40,500 people on average search it out online.

The Pantheon is an interesting building as it’s still in use today. What was once a temple for people to worship the ancient gods, is now a Catholic church. People attend mass there every Sunday, and you can even get married there. That means that though this is a historical landmark, you should be aware of when you choose to visit. It is open to the public, but as it’s in use, you should be careful to be respectful. If a mass or some event is going on, come back at another time. 18,100 search for Pantheon on average per month. This landmark is still in use now and will hopefully be for a long time to come.

The final historical site is the Roman Forum. Once a political hive and the most important meeting place in the city, the Forum is now a plaza surrounded by ruins. It’s open to the public for people to view. But even now, new finds are being excavated. That means as time passes, there will be more and more to see here. So this is a location that could be worth multiple visits over the years. With the Colosseum opposite, you can buy a ticket to visit both locations across several days. For history lovers, this is a fascinating landmark to visit, and 4,400 people searching online agree.

Places to visit for a touch of culture

Historical and religious sites aren’t the only things to visit in the city. The most popular landmark for Brits searching online appeared to be the National Gallery. It is the most popular gallery in all of Italy. It features work by Cezanne and Monet as well as a collection of works by well-known modern artists. If art is your passion, then this is a stop that you will love as much as the Sistine Chapel. You also have a wider variety of art to look at than in some of the historical locations.

To some, the Trevi Fountain might be classed as a historical site. Yet with its appearance in notable films and stunning appearance, many visit the fountain to admire it as a work of art or see where a scene was filmed. This landmark is great for a quick visit, and it is a stunning place to take a photo. If you’re in Rome and you’re near Trevi, there’s no reason not to visit. But more people search it out online than you might realise. 12,100 people have searched for the fountain online on average. That’s a high amount for a single water feature.

Other things to do in Rome

Rome is a big city, and it would be impossible to list all the landmarks that people love to visit. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t expect to see everything in a day! It’s also an expensive city to visit, so budget accordingly. The food also has an incredible worldwide reputation. Once there, you might as well treat yourself to gelato, pasta and explore as much as you can.

After a long day of wandering around, there are plenty of piazzas and gardens to go to and rest. The Villa Borghese is a gorgeous set of gardens filled with museums and statues that is incredibly popular within Italy. It’s just off of the Piazza del Popolo and Pincian Hill, both of which are popular locations in their own right. They get over 20,000 Italians searching for these locations on average per month. They’re less well-known in the UK and the rest of the world, but they’re all worth a visit.


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