A weekend in Birmingham? Don’t mind if I do Babs

words Alexa Wang

There are few more exciting cities to visit in the United Kingdom than Birmingham. There is something for every visitor to the city regardless of what they are looking to do.

The city is enjoying a renaissance over the past couple of years, and the next 12 months promise to be big for Brum. Next year, the city will host the Commonwealth Games, which means the eyes of the world will be on Birmingham.

That is one of a number of reasons why Brummies consider the second city to be better than Manchester and other huge cities in the UK. But, when visiting, what things must everybody do at the weekend?

weekend in Birmingham

Take A Walk On The Canal

If you happen to know anybody from Birmingham, you would only be too aware of the fact that the city boasts more canals than Venice. While the statement is often said tongue in cheek, it is factually correct. That means no visit to the city would be complete without exploring the miles of canals around the city.

The best place to start the walk would be at The Mailbox, with a number of excellent cocktail bars available to sit and watch the world go by. The Gin Vault should be the next stop on the canal, before arriving at Brindley Place for a bite to eat and to watch the barges go by.

Listen To Local Talent

The Birmingham music scene has always been one of the best things about the city, and it’s hardly surprising given the talent that has come out of Brum. Bands such as The Street, Black Sabbath and UB40 have all transcended their respective genres, and the next wave of talent can be found across the city.

There is no shortage of music venues for lovers of all sounds, with the indie at The Sunflower Lounge being an ideal place for fans of bands such as The Arctic Monkeys, while The Jam Café or The Night Owl are both perfect locations for those looking for some jazz or northern soul. There is something for all tastes in the second city, which makes it a perfect location for lovers of leading breakout talent.

Birmingham trip

Go Shopping

Very few cities in the United Kingdom comes close to Birmingham when it comes to shopping. There is something for every shopper in Brum. For those that want to explore the high-end range of shopping options, then The mailbox is the place to be, with one of the biggest Harvey Nichols in the country found at the heart of the shopping centre.

However, for many, the perfect shopping experience can be found at the Bull Ring, which was the first indoor shopping centre opened in the United Kingdom. There are over 100 shops found at the Bull Ring, which makes it the perfect location when it comes to shopping over the Festival period, especially while the German Market is on. Selfridges is the biggest store in the Bull Ring, as there are three floors to explore. Hours can be spent in the shop, with lunch options also available. No visit to Birmingham is complete without wandering around the legendary Bull Ring.


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