Top 5 Eindhoven Attractions: Explore the Amazing Culture

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If you are planning a trip to the Netherlands and want to explore some of the amazing culture in Eindhoven, we have put together a list of 5 attractions that will not disappoint.

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1. Het Schiekoffeehuisje

One for the coffee lovers, Het Schiekoffeehuisje, is a cafe in Eindhoven that serves delicious espresso and other traditional Dutch coffees to tourists and locals alike. The only thing missing from your visit will be the strong Dutch coffee aroma in the air- it’s not just about what you can taste at this small café!

2. Eindhoven Fashion & Design Museum

The Eindhoven Fashion & Design museum is the leading fashion and design museum in Europe, with a collection of over 170,000 items from all parts of the world. Visitors can explore vintage clothing or follow interactive exhibitions that teach about cultural differences regarding perceptions on what constitutes beauty, fashion, or quality of life.

3. Dutch Car Museum

The Dutch Car Museum is an automotive museum in Eindhoven. It was founded by a group of car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wanted to create the world’s largest collection of automobiles from the Netherlands, plus other European countries. Car enthusiasts can see cars dating back as far as 1885 when most autos were horse-drawn.

Eindhoven Attractions

4. The Design Academy Eindhoven

The Design Academy is a school of design located in the Dutch city of Eindhoven that provides undergraduate and graduate education for designers to work across disciplines such as architecture, furniture, or industrial design.

Perhaps one of the best places on Earth for those who are interested in creative thinking, design, and innovation.

The Design Academy Eindhoven’s first building by Dutch architects MVRDV was built in 2004 and opened in September 2005. It presents itself as a free-standing building in the vicinity of other buildings on the campus but is actually a single structure that forms part of the existing outer wall and roof.

5. Museum Martena

The Museum Martena is a museum located in Eindhoven that exhibits and holds collections on art, design, and fashion from all over the world, with an emphasis on contemporary works. Visitors can see artists such as Van Gogh or Picasso up close and personal here.

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