Want to bring your Golden Retriever on vacation? You can with pet-friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge!

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trip with dog

Want to go for a holiday escape in the smoky mountains? Or witness Dolly’s Christmas stampede at pigeon forge? You can gladly bring your pet with you with pet-friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge offers one of the best winter holiday destinations, with The Great Smoky Mountains hiking trails and the many spectacular and memorable events that surround the holiday season making it a prime vacation destination.

What makes a cabin pet-friendly?

From the institution’s pet policy to the physical facilities provided for the animals, the level of ‘pet-friendliness of a cabin depends on many factors. pet-friendly cabins have infrastructure that makes it very easy, safe, and convenient to carry any type of pet. Pet-friendly accommodation in cabins will mean that they will allow pets – although restrictions will apply.      

Generally, cabins with pet-friendly policies will allow small dogs and cats. If you’re traveling with anything else or with large dogs (even medium-sized dogs in some cases), you’re going to find it more of a challenge to find pet-friendly cabins in pigeon forge

Common pet policy levels and restrictions.

All pet-friendly cabins and general accommodation will have varying restrictions. Some of the most common pet restriction levels are:

1. A maximum number of pets per room(usually 1 or 2).

2. Pets must be leashed whilst on cabin grounds

3. Size limitation, e.g “dogs under 50lbs”.

4. Pets are not allowed on common grounds e.g restaurants, pools, etc.

Pigeon Forge’s pet-friendly activities and attractions.

             For a truly pet-friendly environment to exist the community must genuinely love and enjoy the company of pets. The pigeon forge area has a lot of pet-related events. These activities help in relieving stress due to the pet being in an unfamiliar area. It also provides for fun and exercise adding to the friendly cabin experience.  Doggy wood at Dollywood is undoubtedly the most popular pet attraction in Pigeon Forge. The Doggywood area is the perfect spot for your dog to spend the day as you tour the park. You can have fun at the park while taking comfort in the fact that your pet is safe away. Dogs are also welcome at The Island in Pigeon Forge. They are a pet-friendly property for leashed pups.

This comes in handy with accommodations and cabins in which you cannot leave a pet alone in the room. Doggywood offers many kennels and a wide variety of cottages. The village shops in downtown Gatlinburg and the smoky mountain river rat offer a fun experience for you and your companion.

Pet-Friendly Pigeon Forge Cabin Rentals

Pigeon forge cabins offer a perfect pet-friendly experience. The cabins and the community running them love and appreciate pets. They are also a short drive away from all these fun pet stores and attractions. The cabins also range in the size and number of rooms that can accommodate large and small families.

This type of holiday or vacation, where you get to bring your pet whether it’s a golden retriever or an American shorthair is becoming popular. An increasing number of pet parents (such as yourself), prefer not to leave their pets behind and now you can in Pigeon Forge pet-friendly cabins!


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