4 easy ways to afford a holiday every year

4 easy ways to afford a holiday every year – words Al Woods

Do you ever wonder how people can afford to go away on holiday every single year? When you look at your finances, there’s no way that you could do that. Except, you absolutely can if you know what you’re doing.

People that travel regularly don’t necessarily earn more money than you, they’re just a bit cleverer with their spending and know a few simple tricks to make travel a lot more affordable. If you’re fed up with not being able to go away, read this guide on how to afford a holiday every year.

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Holiday At Home

A good holiday doesn’t always have to mean spending loads of money flying halfway around the world. There is plenty of amazing places to discover in the UK and you can do it so cheap. Your travel costs will be minimal and you’ve got the added benefit of driving so you can work to your own schedule. The spending will be a little more expensive than some other countries but that will be offset by the fact you don’t have to pay for flights. If you’re really tight for money but you still want to get away for a while, camping is a great option because you’ll pay hardly anything compared to staying in a hotel somewhere. People are often put off camping but if you go in a campervan rather than a tent, it’s actually pretty comfortable. Check out Camper Compare to find some great ideas for campervan holidays around the UK. If you do a cheap holiday in the UK one year, you’ll be able to save up for something a bit more extravagant the following year.

Go At The Right Time

Getting a flight to a hot country in the middle of summer is going to be expensive, especially during the school holidays. That’s when most people in the country are going away so naturally, the prices are going to shoot up. But in the winter months when the airlines are struggling to fill their flights, you can get flights way cheaper. You’ll have to be a bit selective with where you go, beach resorts aren’t exactly going to be great in the middle of winter. But there are some great city destinations that are beautiful in the winter. Often, you avoid a lot of the tourists when you go in the off-season so you get a bit more of an authentic experience. You’ll save a lot of cash and you’ll get a different travel experience to the one you normally have if you go in winter instead of summer.

Get A Place With A Kitchen

Eating out is one of the biggest expenses while you’re away but you can massively cut the amount of spending money you need to take if you cook your own food sometimes. Instead of getting a hotel, head over to airbnb and find an apartment with a small kitchen. You can buy things from the supermarket for breakfast and lunch and make a few of your evening meals there so you don’t have to spend money on eating out 3 times a day, every day. It’s also a fun buying local ingredients and learning to cook with them so it enriches your travel experience as well as saving you money.

Wait For The Deals

When everybody booked their holidays through travel agents, you had to be lucky to get a good deal. But these days, there are so many sites online offering holidays that there is always a deal on somewhere. You should never pay full price for a holiday again really, just wait until the deals come along and take them. Lastminute is a great site where you can make huge savings on holidays. They’ll post deals with rooms that need to be filled so the hotel offers you a big discount. You can get the flight and the accommodation in a package for a good price most of the time. You don’t always have too much freedom where you can go, just put in the dates you want to go and see what comes up. It’s an exciting way of choosing holidays because you’ll often end up going to a country that you would never have considered otherwise.

Whenever you find a good deal, try to get the deposit down and lock it in at that price as soon as possible because they often change in a matter of days and you can easily miss out.

You don’t have to earn loads of money to be able to afford a holiday every year, just use these 4 simple tricks.

4 easy ways to afford a holiday every year – words Al Woods


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