Five Ways to Avoid Relapse After the Holidays

words Al Woods

After the holidays, the stress, anxiety, and depression that could result from this time might remain. There is a lot going on during this time. You might have had family fights. You might have had financial stress. With so much happening, it can be difficult for sober people.

Furthermore, everyone is getting drunk and allowing themselves to let loose. Whether you are doing your best to keep it together or just want to strengthen your sobriety after watching everyone go wild during this time, below are some of the best ways to avoid relapse and stay healthy after the holidays.

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Enjoy the Outdoors

A great way to avoid the desperate feelings that come before relapse is to immerse yourself in the outdoors. When it comes to nature, there is no better way to heal yourself and find peace than to spend time amongst natural phenomena. Go for a hike. Ride a bike through the trees. Run through the forests and the mountains. If you have relapsed, you could go to a luxury dual diagnosis treatment center to take advantage of the amenities and counseling. Whatever you choose, going outdoors and enjoying the immersive atmosphere of the natural world can stave off craving and provide peace when you need it the most.

Start a New Project

In the New Year, starting a new project is a great way to stay sober and productive. Have you been thinking about building a new room in your house? What about the backyard? Are you trying to start cultivating a garden? What are your goals? If you are looking to do something you’ve never done before to help yourself stay sober, you will benefit from the new experience. You will be ready to get stuff done and stay efficient in the New Year. Whatever your life is like, when you put in the effort to start new projects and stay productive, you will be able to find fulfillment in your sobriety.

Find a New Passion

Another great way to stay sober is to find a new hobby. Whether you want to play a game, collect something, or find yourself immersed in the world of a specific genre of music, film, or novel, it is never too late to find a new thing to do. If you’re trying not to relapse, keeping yourself busy with something you are interested in will pay a lot of dividends. You will be able to discover all kinds of different interests and loves. Don’t give up on finding new things. “Hobbies” are one thing, but passions are another. If you’re trying to stay sober, find a new passion and you will be able to sustain the happy, healthy lifestyle you have created.

See Old Friends

Everyone needs the love and direction of friends. You should make the effort to see old friends. It’s important to keep up with those ties and share stories. When you don’t have drugs and alcohol anymore, friends can help you stay fulfilled. If you are fulfilled, staying sober will be a lot easier. You will live every day with love and light. So, if you haven’t been seeing your friends and should, here is your warning. Hang out with your old friends!

Set Goals for the Future

Lastly, sobriety is tough without progress. You should make goals for the future, even if you are doing your best to stay sober. Life is a part of your sobriety. When you’re not taking the steps to set goals and find yourself in a better position in the years to come, sobriety will be difficult. It’s vital to take care of the other parts of your life. So, if you’re having trouble with cravings and thoughts of breaking sobriety, you should set achievable goals and work towards bettering your life.

When you’re sober, trying to avoid relapse should be easy. It should be the culmination of all the hard work you have put into your life. You don’t have to live a life free of passion. Instead, you can live free and fulfilled. Your life can be prosperous. When the holidays have you down and you’re trying to stay sober, double down on your life and all that it offers you. Find peace and solace in the gradual progress of everything that life is.


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