The Football Diet: How Much Protein Does A Footballer Need?

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Football Diet

In today’s world, Football is one of the sports played anywhere in the world. Kids, teenagers, women, and adults all play football. They play it for leisure time, and others play it as a sport.

Professional football playing is a hard sport. Therefore, football players practice a lot and maintain a diet. Their diet fuels their body during practice and games. It makes them strong and enables them to perform well. Their body takes in a lot of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and more. That is why practicing their skills is not enough for them to excel. They also eat the right kind of food such as rich in protein. The following talks about different kinds of diet for a football player.

Protein Diet

Protein helps build and repair the damaged muscles. Football is an intense game. Therefore, football players eat foods that are rich in protein to rebuild and repair damaged muscles of their body. During training, practice, and exercise, consuming foods rich in protein is also ideal practice for football players. Foods that are rich in protein are meat, egg, tuna, and tofu. However, when players are running out of time, they can eat protein bars that are as good as protein-rich food. They can also make their protein shake by mixing, greek yogurt, banana, apple, berries, avocado, and other fruits that are a nutritious source of protein.Furthermore, there are also kinds of protein that footballers need for their diet. There is whey protein which is absorbed easily by the body, providing amino acids. It helps maintain the body mass of footballers. Next is casein protein, the body absorbs this type of protein slower, making its effect longer. It is often taken before sleep which helps in the recovery of muscles. Another is whey isolate protein, it is for footballers who are trying to lose weight. It has low fat and carbohydrate with high protein.

Carbohydrates Diet

Carbohydrates fuel the body of football players. Carbohydrates are foods rich in carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which are sugars, starch, and cellulose. Foods containing carbohydrates that are perfect for football players are fish, prawn, spinach, potatoes, and carrots. However, consuming carbohydrates with a high glycemic index is not advisable. Instead, it is more advisable to consume those that have a low glycemic index to maintain the glucose level of the body. Furthermore, footballers also drink carbohydrate enriched drinks before training or games. It provides electrolytes which improve their speed and motor skills.

Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high-fat diet. This type of diet is essential for a footballer who wants to lose weight. It has a lot of positive effects, that is why it is an advisable and effective type of diet according to health professionals. Therefore, athletes also purchase keto snacks to keep up with their diet. It’s healthy, and it has a lot of benefits. The following are the positive effects of a ketogenic diet on athletes. The fat that was produced fuel their energy. It also gives a stable energy level. Next, the glucose is saved for important functions in the muscles. And, it is also perfect for a fast recovery from inflammation in the body during training and games. Lastly, it enables athletes to eat the right kind and amount of food.


Football players also need a moderate amount of fat. It produces twice the amount of energy compared to carbohydrates. That is why it is a good source of energy during pieces of training and games. Most importantly since they burn a lot of calories. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for players. Football players must eat good fats to replace the calories they used since they use a double amount of calories during training and games. Fats also transport vitamins A, E, D, and K into the muscles, immune system, cells, and bones. Good fats can be found in fish, nuts, cheese, and fatty meats. 

Vitamins and minerals

Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals are perfect for diet because it helps in recovery from inflammation and muscle contraction. It also makes the bones stronger. Without the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, footballers will be prone to cramps and muscle spasms. That is why some take food supplements or are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and unsaturated oils.


Some football players like Muslims also do a fasting diet. They do fasting during training and eat nutritious foods after. Fasting is during the daytime, and they eat at night. They don’t just do it during Ramadan but do it regularly. They have a nutritious and strict diet plan. Therefore, their body receives the benefits of fasting. Some of the benefits of fasting are lower insulin resistance, protection from inflammation, improved blood pressure, and muscle strength.

Football Diet

It is a fact that athletes around the world must have a strict and complex diet plan to be able to perform well. The following shows that training and exercise are not enough to become an excellent athlete, a lot of sacrifices need to be done. Craving and eating an extreme amount of food are some of the things that should be sacrificed. That is why self-control and self-management are essential. It is a required personality if you are eager to become a professional athlete in the sport you want. Football is one of the sports that a lot of people want to play. To become a member of a national or an international team is a dream come true. However, it takes a lot of perseverance to achieve this. And it all begins to the self. If you are unable to control your diet, the nutrients that your body needs will not be available. No matter how hard you train and practice, it will not be enough without the nutrients to fuel, help, and energize your body. Therefore, through the types of diet that were mentioned, it can be used as a guide for aspiring football players. 


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