Pioneer & chef Dylan Watson-Brawn on his perfect breakfast

Berlin has become renowned for its open mindedness and forward looking culture. The city has been soaking up influences from the masses of international newcomers who, attracted to this mindset, have made the German capital their home. Artists, musicians and creatives have cross-pollinated to reinforce the super strong cultural life.

The food culture in Berlin has enjoyed its own flowering, assisted by external culinary influences too. Vancouver born Dylan Watson-Brawn for example, made the city his home after learning cookery the hard way in the kitchens of some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

He’s an influential figure which is why he’s been invited to be a Champion of Breakfast by Nespresso and Amuse. He brings his passion and philosophy to that all important first meal of the day.

It’s German cuisine with a Watson-Brawn twist. For instance a typical German breakfast is constructed with painstakingly sourced local and regional ingredients that are either organic or Biodynamic. You get extraordinary yet ethical flavours with Dylan’s ethos apparent in every stage.

“It’s all about working with passionate people who care a lot about what they are doing and believe in the things that they practice.”

Some of his dishes are deceptively simple like his perfect pairing for coffee – raspberries. The berries are cooked gently then pasteurised in water at 82 degrees for 30 minutes (exactly!). Put this rich Raspberry preserve with sourdough bread and biodynamic butter for a fantastically simple breakfast, especially when taken with Grand Cru Bukeela ka Ethiopia from Nespresso. The coffee is delicately fresh, but has depth with its hints of musk and wood.

“That’s the difference between my cooking and the cooking of others. You should take pleasure in the simple things as well as the luxurious.”

Supported by a father who spotted his son’s passion for food and cooking, the dedicated Watson-Brawn skipped the traditional route, and jumped in the deep end working his way through several restaurants and studying the intricacies of food in his spare time. He was the first Westerner to train at Tokyo’s Ryugin, a mercilessly rigourous 3 Michelin Star establishment. He also spent time at the famous Noma that has shone a light on Scandinavian food and heralded a different approach to service.

Now making his home in Berlin, the Canadian is bringing his own foodie energy and philosophy to Berliners. In 2014 he launched Ernst with friend Spencer Christenson. The private dining experience means you get to enjoy a personal culinary experience at Dylan’s own apartment that celebrates the integrity of specially sourced biodynamic ingredients.

“Where I come from in Vancouver there is long tradition of organic farming which I hope to pioneer here in Berlin.”

You can click here to see more ‘Champions of Breakfast’ episodes and visit for more coffee pairings.

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