Why Flying Private Is Now Within Reach To Many

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Flying Private

It’s no secret that flying commercial comes with various disadvantages, from the tasteless airplane food and loud passengers to the insufficient legroom and long lines at the baggage reclaim area.

But in light of the coronavirus outbreak, a unique set of challenges has been introduced to the equation. Although travel restrictions are starting to ease up, most people dread the idea of flying commercial alongside other travelers— even if there are safety precautions in place. Fortunately, private aviation has become more accessible than ever. Read on to find out why flying private is now within many travelers’ reach, not just the elite.


The main reason why most people consider flying private in this post-pandemic world is that private planes have numerous advantages over commercial flights in terms of safety. For one, they use smaller terminals that are typically less congested, as private travelers can usually board their jets as soon as they arrive, reducing the proximity and risk of infection amongst passengers. In addition to that, most airports allow private flyers to drive directly to their plane, eliminating the need to enter the terminal and interact with other people altogether.

Affordable Rates

Flying private was once a luxury that only the rich and famous could afford, but that’s not the case anymore. Though they are typically more expensive than commercial flights, private jet charters are surprisingly affordable nowadays, as the cost of private flights in many travel agencies is based on a base rental fee and the mileage you will be flying. In other words, the closer your destination is, the cheaper your flight will be.

Flying Private


If you calculate the cost difference between commercial and private airlines, you’ll see that you’re actually getting a pretty good deal by flying private. Instead of the overpriced food court meals, the long layovers, and the sum you have to pay for baggage check, you get to enjoy things like free drinks, lounge access, direct flights, and sometimes even complimentary baggage check. These perks are worth a lot more if you have to pay for them yourself.


With a private plane, you have more control over the timing of your flight. You can schedule your flight at a time that’s most convenient for you, and your take-off and landing will be less subject to cancellations or delays due to non-weather-related reasons. Plus, if you’re running late, the pilot will wait for you to arrive, so you don’t have to worry about missing your flight. These are just some of the many reasons why more people nowadays opt to travel private, especially those who don’t have enough time to plan ahead before their trip.


Private planes have access to smaller, more remote airports, which can reduce travel time. Furthermore, most private travel agencies allow you to book a flight online or via a mobile app on short notice, typically 24 hours in advance. Some even allow you to book with just a 6 hours’ notice, making private travel a tremendous timesaver for those who have to travel for a family or business emergency.

While the cost may be your main concern when deciding to opt for a private plane, it’s not the only factor you should consider. Now that you know how accessible private travel has become, we strongly urge you to consider renting a private plane for your next getaway or business trip.


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