What is it that makes Italian design so popular?

What is it that makes Italian design so popular? – words Al Woods

Everyone knows that Italy is the home of some of the most exquisite luxury brands in the world. Historically, this has always been the case, as Italian design has gained a lot of popularity in the last 120 years.

There is just something about the sleek and simple designs that resonates with the majority of people. There is a certain Italian quality that is appealing to mass quantities of the population, with varying styles.

Italian design is known as having plenty of simple shapes that meshes with many of different styles and homes. Italian design history is a long and illustrious one. The simplicity of things allows for a lot of personal touches to be made around it. The following article will explain why these designs are so popular.

Italian furniture accounts for 10 per cent of the total manufacturers in the whole world. Furniture from Italy is so popular because it is conveniently structured, sophisticated, and has numerous options. For many centuries, Italian manufacturers have been known to only use the best of the best in materials. This is why Italian furniture is known to be more expensive than the average. But your money – however much you don’t want to part with it – is being well spent on Italian goods. It is proven over time to hold up the best.

It seems like whatever era you are in Italian furniture can make its way in without being outdated in any way. Of course, it is constantly being updated and tailored to the modern style. But there has also always been a sort of classic beauty that Italian furniture has carried through many households across the globe.

Italian design gives to any home or garden a truly magical flair. Look for example at this luxury outdoor furniture produced by Unopiu and you will understand that Italians are as passionate about every piece of their furniture whether it is to be placed in or outdoors.

In terms of furniture acquisition, luxury Italian furniture is widely preferred to all other countries. In terms of design, some might say that Italian design is comparable to the designs of Scandinavian furnishings. Italian furniture is similar except it is known to use different colours and better quality materials. Scandinavian design does not compare to the design of Italian furniture manufacturers because there is a more authentic and hand crafted feeling that you will definitely not get from any Northern European designer. When you invest in Italian furniture, you get the feeling like each piece was made for you and your individual tastes and needs. There is so much passion that goes into the creation of the furniture, that it is impossible to get it confused with the design of any other nation.

Italian furniture, just like most other art forms coming from Italy, will never go out of style. It is truly an investment that will last a lifetime.

What is it that makes Italian design so popular? – words Al Woods



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