The joy of teaching – why it’s such a good career move for many

The joy of teaching – why it’s such a good career move for many – words Alexa Wang

Being a teacher is a wonderful thing. Having the ability to enrich the minds of children and students from all walks of life is a privilege like no other. Although being a teacher is hard work, the results are always worth it. Education really is one of the most rewarding professions that you can enter, and there are many reasons why.

Taking a career change into teaching is a great move for you to make. But making sure that you have the appropriate checks is also absolutely essential, checks like CRB, DBS and Basic disclosure. Once you have that all in place then you’re ready to go.



A lot of people seem to show negativity towards teaching, purely because it’s known for long hours and low pay. In some aspects, its true, as it’s a well known fact that teacher salaries are not as high as some would like. However, if you are passionate about the job and appreciate the help it provides for students, is a huge pay cheque really necessary? When it comes to holidays, teachers are in the right job! It is one of the best jobs in education for time off. Unlike the majority of workers who have to work through half terms and summer holidays, teachers get the time off! This time gives teachers the chance to relax for a while and plan the next term.


Being a teacher means that you get to interact and educate many different types of people from all different backgrounds. The ability to teach them new skills while also improving their emotional wellbeing is a feeling like no other. These memories will last a lifetime and it’s highly unlikely that you will feel this sense of achievement with any other job role! We all have a story about that one super teacher. The people that you meet through teaching can become a friend for life; not to mention the mark you’ll make on their life as well.


Having a positive impact on someone’s life is an exceptional thing. Being a teacher earns you huge amounts of respect from just about everyone you know. Not everyone has the patience to work in a classroom, so that alone is something to be proud of. Think about it, teachers have a national appreciation week, so they must be doing something exceptional. Simon Camby, Group Director of Education at Cognita, states that few professions can match teaching for sheer joy. Teachers also receive a lot of gifts at the end of term for all their hard work, so the rewards are never ending.


There is never a dull moment when it comes to working with adolescents. The things they say will leave you smiling and laughing for hours and remind you why you chose to work with that age group in the first place. A day of teaching without laughter is near impossible and the sheer enjoyment of working with people from all walks of life is one of the most entertaining experiences.

Constantly Learning 

As a teacher, you are likely to be particularly skilled in one area, but the learning does not stop there. As you teach others, you will find yourself enriching your own knowledge as well. The more questions that students ask, the more you will dig deeper and find new research, technology, and techniques. The culture of academic excellence is truly remarkable and inspiring. It is important to keep yourself updated of the techniques and skills a teacher must have. A teacher must also be a student. Enrolling to courses such as a masters in teaching online will help you with keep your creative mind flowing.

As you can see, becoming a teacher carries a whole range of benefits, and delivers an experience like no other. Teaching is a great profession to get into. with so many education recruitment companies around now, it’s very easy to get a teaching job.

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, making sure you have all of the correct checks is so important. Apply for a dbs check here for more information.

The joy of teaching – why it’s such a good career move for many – words Alexa Wang


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