What To Consider When Buying New Internal Doors For Your House

words Alexa Wang

Internal Doors


The skirting, trim, and molding often go unnoticed, and the same can be said of doors. However, each of these features dramatically affects a room’s looks, especially the ones we see in Crittall doors. Therefore, choosing your doors with care is essential because they can significantly impact your home. Below are five things worth considering when you are shopping for internal doors.

1. Door Styles

Mixing and matching is an effective strategy when experimenting with different styles. You can achieve a sense of flow throughout your home while creating a fun and electric look. Nonetheless, try not to take things too far. For instance, an overly ornate or massive door can have an overwhelming effect when installed in a small room.

2. Door Swing

You often will be given an option to decide if the door will have a left-hand or right-hand swing when you order custom doors. The door’s swing determines how it will open and close, hinge placement, and where to fit the handles. Also, it is best to have the doors swing open into the room instead of the corridor or hallway. Do not forget to factor in this when you decide which way your new custom doors should swing.

3. Door Framing

The door’s frame must be sturdy to ensure it provides ample support. If the doors are not framed correctly, they will develop issues. Furthermore, the poor framing detracts from the door’s aesthetics. So, pick quality materials and avoid shortcuts that can result in costly and needless repairs soon after installing the doors.

4. Door Sound Ratings

Internal doors have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. The STC governs how much sound reverberates through the door, depending on the construction material used. An STC score of 25 means the door is categorized at the lower end of the scale. An STC score of 60 means the door is soundproof.

Internal Doors

5. Types Of Doors

Things can get somewhat confusing when deciding which door style and type to choose. Each option has its unique qualities that influence its practicality. Take the time to review the choice before falling for a specific door type.

• Sliding doors:                    

They are made from glass or wood and are a standard fitting for closets. Sliding doors are excellent if you are concerned about saving space compared to swinging doors.

• Pocket doors:                    

The doors are applicable in different areas of the house since they are perfect when trying to save space. But unlike sliding doors, these are designed to fit into the wall instead of sliding along the side.

• Folding doors:                   

They have a bi-fold construction, meaning two or more pieces fold into each other when open and stretch out when close. Folding doors are an ideal option for small areas like pantries and closets. They are made from MDF or plywood and often have a smooth and straightforward presentation, making them perfect for a contemporary design.

• Panel doors:                       

The doors are a staple in many modern homes. Panel doors are primarily made of solid wood and have a traditional pattern of rectangular wooden boards or MDF.

• French doors:                    

They are mostly framed glass panes and are designed to help maximize natural lighting in a room. French doors give a bespoke, modern-chic elegance to a house.


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