5 unique uses for 3D printing

5 unique uses for 3D printing – words Alexa Wang

Though 3D printing is a relatively new technology, it has been evolving and improving ever since it was first introduced to the general public. These days, it’s more affordable than ever to have items 3D printed.

There are also more applications for this technology than before, and it’s easier for everyone to access, making it a viable and even desirable way to get the items you want. With that in mind, take a look at these 5 different uses for 3D printing technology worth exploring.


Art Installations

Many artists enjoy expanding their repertoire by working with new and exciting mediums. 3D printing is one of the newest mediums of the modern day, and artists are certainly taking advantage of that. 3D printing has been used for sculptures and unique art installations for years. As the technology becomes easier to access, more and more artists have the ability to try this intriguing medium out for themselves. The materials that can be used in 3D printing is also increasing, and artists really get creative with it, working with everything from metal to clay to entirely new products like sugarsand. Some enjoy being able to design a product and have 3D printers bring the design to life for them. Others may have access to a 3D printer and decide they would prefer to work on the logistics of turning a 2D design into a 3D object themselves. In either case, the rising popularity of 3D printing technology among artists doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Device Prototypes

Working in any field that requires prototype designs before a full product release, you understand just how pricey the process can be. 3D printing has introduced a new, more affordable way to get your prototype designs out there. This is one of the most common current uses of 3d printers. This may be especially game-changing in the case of medical devices. More people are using 3D printing technology to show how their revolutionary devices would work, allowing them to get the funding they need for the real deal. Architects are using 3D printing with increasing frequency as well. It allows for them to get a mathematically accurate model of the project they’re working on, which can allow the actual construction to progress in a much smoother manner.

Product Designs

One of the best things about 3D printing is that there are so many services out there for you to take your product designs to. For example, MY3D Agency specializes in 3D printing in Toronto. Michael Gossack is able to work with everything from photos to blueprints to drawings and more, taking your innovative designs and bringing them to life. You could be working on any product at all – whether it’s aforementioned prototype for medical devices and art pieces, or new bottle designs for an item you’re about to start selling – and it can be made into a physical object before you know it. Michael Gossack has a strong understanding of the industry in the Toronto area, with plenty of print technology shows and trade fairs under his belt. Products are printed in full color so you know they will be just as vibrant and rich as you imagined. Additionally, they work with many different mediums including sugarsand, gypsum, and clay, so you can get your very own unique product with a quick turnaround.

Household Items

That’s right, even your average everyday household items can be 3D printed. You can print out items for décor like vases, candle holders, or door handles. You can make customizable safety features like outlet plug covers, which simultaneously showcase your personality while also keeping your kids or pets from harm. You can add hair traps or drain covers and shower heads into your bathroom, or make measuring cups for your kitchen. You can even make things like smartphone cases or tablet stands. The application of 3D printing is so versatile that you can print out just about anything you could want and get decent mileage out of it, even if it’s an item in your house that will see a lot of use.


Since there are so many different applications for 3D printing, it’s probably not surprising that you can use it to make and sell merchandise, too. This is a most useful 3d printing application. People have used 3D printing technology to make rings, bracelets, hair accessories, and other key pieces for clothing brands or fashion. You can also use it to make things like mugs or cups, keychains, pin badges, and more. It’s an excellent way to produce interesting, unique merchandise that your customers won’t be able to get anywhere else while simultaneously cutting down on your production costs.

3D printing is a technology with such a varied range of applications that it’s truly astounding. These are just a few of the ways that people are using 3D printing and implementing 3D printed objects in their daily lives, but there are more applications out there waiting for you to discover them.

5 unique uses for 3D printing – words Alexa Wang


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