Specialized Sirrus Expert Disc Carbon Hybrid – Bike Review

Specialized sirrus expert carbon review!

We are all looking to suit our lifestyles as well as our pockets when buying a bike. When I imagined the sort of things I wanted to do on a bike I came to realise pretty quickly that an out and out road bike was not for me.

But I was not planning on careering full tilt down any rocky hillside either so a mountain bike didn’t seem to make sense either. So I went for a hybrid bike and it suits me fine. Specialized Sirrus Expert Disc Carbon Hybrid – what else!



I’m sure some purists out there will sniff at the thought but if that’s what you want and it suits you then why not? So if like me you’re looking to get a bike to stay healthy and to get you around town but also want something fast and that looks good then some this year’s rather exciting hybrids are crying out for your attention.

One of my current favourites is the Specialized Sirrus range. Specialized build them like serious road bikes but they have flat handlebars, are fast and light but turn heads in the looks department. If you after something serious then the new Specialized Sirrus Expert Disc Carbon Hybrid has to be a serious contender. This top of the range bike has a FACT 9r carbon frame and powerful disc brakes for the best possible stopping power. With the slight curve in the top bar and styling it really is a handsome looking beast too which is important let’s admit it?

This will wind through the traffic on your daily commute with ease but will come alive at the weekend as you take if for a spin on the open road.

You can find out more on the Specialized Sirrus Expert Disc Carbon Hybrid 2015 at Leisure Lakes Bikes www.specialized.com


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