How to Pick an Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring represents love and devotion and is a continuous presence that quickly becomes a defining part of your personality once it is slid onto that all-important finger by your loved one. “The engagement ring is an important piece of jewellery for a young woman, as it carries substantial emotion and feelings,” explains Arnaud Bastien, president and chief executive of Graff Diamonds for Asia.

It may not be the largest or most costly piece of jewelry you will ever own, but it will undoubtedly be the most important, he further adds.

Engagement Ring

It is also a cute expression of your personality and style and shows the world that you are blissfully immersed in a lifetime partnership. Abram, director at Ronald Abram, believes that “an engagement ring is an ultimate form of self-expression. In one piece, it communicates your preferred style and taste.”

Here, we have carefully put up a guide to the many styles of engagement rings and what they say about the wearer’s personality and style. From De Beers’ heart-shaped diamond to Elizabeth Taylor-inspired diamonds, here is how you can make an informed decision when it comes to picking the greatest wedding jewelry that suits your style.


The round brilliant-cut diamond is an iconic shape that people immediately associate with engagement rings and is widely considered a highly popular option. But it cannot be discussed without mentioning engagement ring types. The round diamond, whether a solitaire with a six-claw setting or accompanied by a pavé setting, is the top choice for brides with a more classic personal style. One of the most gorgeous settings in this shape could be a round brilliant-cut diamond flanked by two pear-shaped side stones.

Another style in this setting mixes the diamond with baguette cut side stones, with the baguette cut’s angular lines providing a wonderful contrast to the round diamond. The round brilliant-cut diamond in any ideal setting would be encircled by smaller diamonds and combined with a pavé band for brides who wish to add extra sparkle to their ring.


The cushion-cut diamond is perfect for today’s Cinderella who prefers a more modern take on classics, be it in fashion, food, or furniture. While the round brilliant-cut diamond retains its timeless elegance, the cushion-cut diamond adds a new touch to it. The sharp points of a square-cut diamond are smoothed out in the cushion-cut diamond, which is also known as a pillow-cut diamond.

Ronald Abram has two such designs that might interest you. One contains a massive 14.16-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond, while the other features a 5.21-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds and a pavé band in an antique-inspired style.

The princess-cut diamond, which has a square or rectangular form, is another popular modern engagement ring option. De Beers’ DB Classic solitaire with a princess-cut diamond and pavé ring is perfect for the bride who wants something exquisite but not too typical. Princess-cut diamonds are ideal for sporty and dynamic personalities because of their basic and geometric lines.

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When it comes to the engagement ring, everything goes for the woman who takes pride in marching to the beat of her own drum. While the design or stone choice is generally the distinguishing feature, an expert claims that there is a growing vogue for precious metals: “Black platinum is the newest style of engagement ring right now and signifies a real shift away from the classic styles we’re used to. Brides are looking for different ways to express themselves and a unique metal alloy is one way.”

For the bride who wants to do something different from the designs commonly associated with engagement rings, there are many options that she can choose from that will help her stand out and be remembered for her unique choice.


A ring with an emerald-cut stone is a striking option for women who have a more assertive personality. The emerald-broad cut’s table and design emphasize the stone’s color and clarity, resulting in a ring that is out to make a spectacular statement. Brides who enjoy art and design will appreciate the geometric elegance of the cut. If you need any more confirmation that an emerald-cut diamond is for the glamorous bride, go no further than Elizabeth Taylor, who received an emerald-cut diamond ring as part of her engagement to film producer Mike Todd.

Brides who prefer a more earthy look might go for Harry Winston’s Bridal Couture emerald-cut engagement ring, which has a 5.51-carat emerald-cut ring set with a cluster of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds in a Chantilly lace-inspired pattern.


Given that hearts are a global symbol of love, it is no surprise that heart-shaped engagement rings are popular among those looking for diamond engagement rings. A bride who chooses a heart-shaped ring is undoubtedly a romantic through and through. 

Simple settings that do not compete with the diamond’s distinctive form are excellent for heart-shaped diamonds. Heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are a beautiful way to convey love and meaning and are available at most major jewelers, who can also help you custom build the right ring to fit your taste and budget.

The heart-shaped diamond is a beautiful cut with a distinct and individual appearance. The heart shape, which is a modified form of the round brilliant cut, appears best when cut into a stone bigger than a half-carat; otherwise, the shape will be difficult to detect. When it comes to heart-shaped diamonds that will be put in diamond engagement rings, symmetry is crucial.


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