The Rules Regarding Mixing Different Metal Finishes In A Room

words Alexa Wang

Different Metal Finishes in Room

Metal is often seen as a vital ingredient in a well-balanced and stylish room. Enter any room and you’re going to see traces of metal, whether it’s the legs of the chairs, a bed frame, or simply the light fitting. It adds character and definition to any room.

However, there are many different types of different metal finishes that can be added to a room. It’s important to know the rules regarding mixing different metal finishes in a room.

Keep It Out Of the Soft Furnishings

You’ll find a metal version of practically any item in your room. However, that doesn’t mean it should be incorporated into your room. The trick, with metal finishes, is to focus on the furniture. To help emphasize the furniture and metal finishes you need to keep the rest of your space fairly neutral. Pale and pastel-coloured walls with these stunning beige rugs will help to create a memorable space. At the same time, it will help to ensure the focus is on key metal finishes, as it should be.

Mixing Metal Finishes

Mix Metals

Despite what you may have heard, mixing metal finishes is a good idea. This adds context, depth, and creates additional focal points.

However, you should note that there is a limit. Mixing two or three metal finishes will add to your space. Any more than this is likely to be too much, confusing the balance of the room.

You should note that, when you mix metals, it is important to choose a dominant one. This is the one that stands out the most and there is most of in your space. Other metals are secondary, to complement the main metal.

Create Purpose

Random pieces of metal simply look bizarre. Every piece of metal in your room, regardless of finish type, needs to serve a purpose. It may be as framing for a picture, or legs for a table, whatever the metal finish is doing it needs to show it is there for a reason.

Display Twice

A simple rule to ensure that the metal finishes in your room are shown to be there for a reason is to use the metal at least twice in the room. Metal finishes on appliances don’t count toward this rule.


Mixing metal finishes is helpful but there needs to be balance. For example, black metal handles look great but any other metal on the same piece of furniture should be the same colour and type. In short, don’t mix metal finishes on the same piece of furniture, mixing only works when it is on different items.

Consider Colour

This may sound strange but not all metal finishes are the same. For example, you can buy chrome from any manufacturer and it will look roughly the same. But, if you try the same approach for a brass finish, you’ll find that every manufacturer has a slightly different colour.

That means to get the right look in your home, you’ll need to buy all your brass items from the same supplier. This can be too limiting unless you are only buying a few pieces.

In other words, your dominant metal finish should be able to be bought from anywhere, making it easier for you to create the perfect looking room.


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