Best Tactics for Improving Your Brand’s Digital Presence 

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Brand’s Digital Presence

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In the digital age, it’s absolutely imperative for your brand to have a digital presence. Consumers have become used to finding what they want online. As a result, if you don’t have a viable online strategy to increase brand awareness and grow, you might lose out. The Internet gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services, reach your target audience within less time, and build strong relationships. 

Improving the digital presence of your brand takes time. Simply put, it doesn’t happen overnight. Please continue reading to discover the subtle tactics for how to establish a stronger online presence in 2022. 

Craft An Online Experience That’s Accessible to Everyone 

Make your website accessible so that everyone, including people with disabilities, have a decent user experience and can access information without difficulty. An accessible website is one of the easiest ways to do business. Most importantly, having an accessible site exemplifies the values of your organisation. You don’t discriminate against customers. Your website can be used equally by consumers who are blind, deaf, physically impaired, or otherwise disabled. 

These days, creating an online experience that’s accessible to all isn’t complicated. WordPress, for instance, helps overcome various accessibility issues. Install the right plugins and allow people to use the site according to their singular needs. The free WP Accessibility plugin facilitates an enhanced user experience. 

This plugin adds numerous helpful features, such as: 

  • Skip navigation links
  • Providing visible focus for keyboard users
  • Adding a long description to images
  • Removing tabindex from components’ attributes
  • Relaxing viewport values to allow zooming

Other examples of useful WordPress plugins are One Click Accessibility, accessiBe, UserWay, and the Accessibility Widget. 

Become A Content Authority 

You can’t pretend to be a credible brand. At present, you have to prove it. Show that you’re capable by crafting authoritative content. Your content is your brand online. From listicles to videos, your business can use content to get people talking about your brand, visit your website, and purchase your products/services. Become an expert in your field. In other words, establish yourself as the go-to provider of content that helps and teaches people. 

This is how to give your content the authority it deserves: 

  1. Create content based on customer feedback, surveys, comments, etc. Write on a narrow topic. Put simply, create content that your customers will love to read. People will dismiss content that is irrelevant, poorly executed, or lacking in candour. What you need to understand is that people are looking for information, inspiration, and solutions. 
  2. Use visual media. There’s a reason why YouTube is so popular. People prefer visual content over traditional, text-based, or static media. There are many types of visual content besides videos. Examples include screenshots, memes, visual quotes, gifs, and custom images. 
  3. Revisit keywords consistently. It’s advisable to revisit your keyword strategy every quarter for campaigns. See which keywords get customers to your website and which ones increase sales volumes. Keywords can come in and out of style. Keep track of the keywords you’ve been using and once every three months, check the average search volume.  
  4. Use data to increase credibility. Each piece of content you release should be high-quality, in line with the audience’s needs. Find the best-supporting data for your topic. Most importantly, take the time to verify that your information is legitimate and credible. 
  5. Work on a brand-influencer collaboration. Millennials and Gen Z are present on social media, so think about collaborating with an influencer. You can reach out to the target audience in a subtle way, humanise your brand, and set yourself apart from the competition. The influencer content will reach new and larger audiences. Success lies in credibility and social followings. 

No matter your goals, creating digital content can help. You can outsource your digital marketing efforts to an agency such as DPDK. This is the official website: DPDK brings subject-matter expertise and a fresh perspective to problems. 

Have One or Two Social Media Accounts

No, your business shouldn’t be on every social media platform. It’s recommended to limit the number of platforms to only what you can handle. Figure out where people are spending their time. You can ask customers as you interact with them or conduct a survey to see how they’ve found you. Having one or two accounts is better than trying to juggle multiple social media accounts. Platforms to consider include:

  • Google My Business 
  • Facebook
  • YouTube 
  • Instagram 
  • TikTok

If you don’t have experience with either of these sites, enlist the services of a social media marketer or marketing agency. 

Create A Strategy for Building an Email List 

Email marketing has managed to remain effective throughout the years and has even risen in popularity. Don’t waste any more time and build a qualified email list. Add a subscription form to your website. Then, connect your subscription form to email marketing software. Invest in the subscribers that have the best chance of becoming customers. Create personalised email marketing campaigns. What you have to do basically is target an email campaign to a specific subscriber by taking advantage of the data and information available. 

Integrate Innovative Technologies 

Finally, yet importantly, use innovative technologies to give your company an edge in the market. Businesses of the modern era are investing in chatbots, live video streaming, and voice-powered search. 


Conversational AI chatbots automate conversations throughout the organisation. You can use chatbots in customer relationship management. They remember all the information users tell them. More exactly, chatbots store different words and phrases related to customer problems. Equally, they can accept payments and make ordering new products or services seamless. 

Live Video Streaming

Thanks to live video streaming, you can launch new products, hold question and answer sessions, and present virtual events. It’s not the same as personal interaction, but people can see more of your personality and expertise. 

Voice-Powered Search 

If your website isn’t optimised for voice-powered search, you’re missing out on traffic. Consumers prefer voice over typing for searching. Add a voice assistant or a chatbot that supports natural language. Voice search capabilities also improve website accessibility for disabled users by allowing them to dictate the message directly. 


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