Expert HVAC Care and Maintenance Tips From the Experts

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Taking care of your HVAC system is the best thing you can do to ensure it performs better and lasts longer. Having preventive care and regular, thorough inspections can help save money in repairs and buying new equipment.

There are several ways in which you can take care of your HVAC system. Some of these ways can be done by anyone, while others require expertise. In this article, we will highlight some of the ways you can do by yourself, as recommended by the experts. Here is the list.


Regular Inspection

Other than the maintenance procedure, you need to carry out time to time inspection of your equipment. Most people overlook the inspection part as long as the equipment works effectively, but it is recommended. By inspecting your equipment, you will know its current state and find faults in advance. When doing the inspection, it’s recommended to clean up any dirty accumulating and check any smoke or worn out wires in the equipment. If you notice any unusual operation, smoke, or soot, call your service agent as soon as possible. Never try to fix the complicated areas on your own as you might cause more damage. Get an expert who will recommend the best materials and the best spare parts to repair the equipment. 

Remove Obstructions

When working, your HVAC equipment is likely to build up dirt and other particles in its exterior. When the dirt builds up, some of its components may not work well, and you may not get the fresh air as required. The people at Performance Based Heating and Air believe that your equipment needs to get cleaned regularly to enable it to work well. Regular maintenance ensures that such obstructions are removed, making your equipment function flawlessly. An obstacle prevents quality air in and out of the house and makes the equipment strain on its functioning, inflating the energy bill. Other than the costs, blockages may shorten the lifespan of your equipment, and you might end up doing more repairs than required. 

Clean Your Equipment

When you clean your equipment regularly, you remove impurities and blockages, which might be hindering its functioning. Besides making your equipment work efficiently, cleaning helps maintain the original state’s equipment, making it last longer. Failing to clean your HVAC will also lead to dirty air getting into your house, which causes infection and diseases to the occupants. Such air might be full of allergens, which cause irritation and disorders, especially to individuals living with allergies. Ensure your equipment is cleaned regularly for clean air, better performance, and reduced power bills. You don’t have to clean the entire equipment as professionals do that. You can clean the ducts, air inlets, outlets, and other recommended serviceable parts. In case there are damages or accumulation of dirt on sensitive parts, contact your professional HVAC cleaner who will carry on the internal cleaning process. 


Always Listen to Suspicious Sounds

Taking note of the sound changes in your HVAC equipment is one way of caring for your equipment. Why is it so? When you note the sounds that come from your equipment, the sudden change will prompt you to check what’s wrong and solve the situation before it worsens. Any change in sound should give you a clue that something is wrong and that you need to call an expert to look into the system. It might be an accumulation of dirt, loose motors, lousy connection, worn out parts, or anything else that requires urgent action. Assuming the situation might lead to the system not working at all, or incur extra expenses in repairing your equipment late or buying a new one if severely damaged. 

Replace Filters

With time, the air filters present in your HVAC accumulate dirt and other impurities such as pollen grains. All HVAC systems come with maintenance manuals to show you when and how to replace these air filters. HVAC specialists recommend replacing the air filter at least once a month or depending on usage. If your house is near dusty roads or gets surrounded by flowering vegetation, then the air filter changing can be more regular. Only use the recommended air filter for your system and be of the right size to ensure it fits well. If you have a complicated structure, get an expert to make the changes for you. Ensure the whole process is done carefully to avoid damaging the equipment and parts.

Remove Algae and Mold

Sometimes, even after regular cleaning, your HVAC equipment will build up molds. If you have tried to stop mold from growing, but in vain, experts recommend adding a cup of bleach to a quarter liter of water and run it down the AC to condense the drain. This process is essential because it prevents the pipes from blocking and provides a harsh environment for molds and algae. The mixture of bleach and water also helps remove the foul smell caused by impurities in your HVAC system. If the drain becomes completely blocked, use a wet vacuum to suck out the blockage and clean the drain.

Lubricate the Moving Parts 

With advanced technology and innovation, the modern HVAC systems do not necessarily require greasing to the movable parts unless advised to do so. However, older models have more moving parts made from metallic or plastic parts, which require regular greasing. Components that require regular lubrication include the blades, blower motor, coils, fan motor, and other movable parts. Greasing needs to be done regularly and by using the right lubricant to avoid damage to the components. Failing to lubricate the elements will make the equipment use more power and produce more noise while functioning. 

Regular maintenance of the HVAC system should be regular. However, before the start of the cold season or when required, you need to do an effective maintenance practice, which must be done by a professional. Give yourself ample time to ensure that parts get fixed and that your equipment functions as new. However, before repairing any equipment, you need to calculate the costs versus buying a new one and see which one is more efficient, especially when dealing with the old models which aren’t energy efficient. We do hope the tips come in handy in helping you.


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