Olight Arkfeld LED Flashlight applications

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The Arkfeld is the primary dual light source and portable EDC flashlight at Olight. Two color temperature, five brightness levels as well as memory functions that permit you to pick what you like with one single click. The creative switch design is both charming and practical. Besides, the magnetic charging cable permits you to have it charged mechanically.

flashlight applications



Stylish dual light source EDC with green beam pointer and white light, and you can pick any colour you love.

Battery level indicator

With its five level power display, you can simply check the remaining battery power at any time.

Intuitive interface

The center key easily turns the Arkfeld off/on and controls the white LEDs modes and brightness. Use the convenient outer ring to pick either the white LED light or green beam pointer.

5 brightness levels with memory feature

The Arkfeld flash lightcan memorize the mode you used last when you start the light again, making your life easier and more perfect.


With its magnetic tail, you can simply attach the light onto any metal area, like the body of a vehicle or the blade of a knife. It is best for outdoor use and vehicle maintenance.

Multiple scenaries use EDC

Unique green laser design makes the Arkfeld a best helper when making a presentation or amusing your pet and also best for power outages and other everyday emergencies. It gives a clear, bright view of everything around you.

Special flat design

With its ultra-thin, slim profile, the Arkfeld fits simply in your pocket, toolkit, or purse for simple carrying and fast access.


Stylish EDC flashlight with Green laser pointer

The Olight Arkfeld is a one-thousand lumen flashlight with green laser pointer that will bring a breath of fresh air to your EDC kit. The special slim ultra-thin profile can simply slip into your pocket, or use the clip to secure it to loops, or straps. The bright green laser pointer is a remarkable tool for presenting, surveying, or demonstrating; while the flashlight is best EDC companion for daily tasks or emergencies.

Easy operation

The intuitive rotary flip switch toggles between laser pointer and flashlight. The big single key in the center has Olight standard operation scheme. The light comes with mode memory and will return to the brightness you were using when moving back or switching back from the green laser.

Magnetic USB Charging

The Olight Arkfeld is furnished with a built-in 1050mAh battery for extended runtimes and quick charging for busty users. On the bottom of the Arkfeld olights proprietary magnetic charging ring for quick snap-on charging with the added MCC3 USB charging cable. Below the switch is a battery level indicator for quick battery health readouts.

Uses of Arkfeld EDC flashlight

The primary feature of a flashlight is to give light but not all flashlights can generate powerful light, mainly EDC flashlights.

If you match an EDC flashlight and a tactical flashlight the primary thing you will notice is the difference in light. Mostly all tactical flashlights are made to produce powerful light because they are made for tactical conditions.

Whereas EDC flashlights are meant for regular use that is the reason producers don’t focus much on the light.

Talking about Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser, this one is a boom when it comes to light. It can generate up to 1000 lumens and can throw up to 101 meters. The top part is the inbuilt green laser light; the feature alone is what makes Arkfeld special.

Everyday use

The Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser comes in. Unlike another regular flashlight, Arkfeld is the flashlight that provides the right definition of EDC flashlight.

This flashlight not just compact but also generates a bright light. Other than that, you can also use the green laser as a pointer during office presentations or you can use it for playing with your puppy.

Outdoor activities

Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser is made of Aluminum alloy. It can work in any climatic situation be it rainy, hot, cold, or sunny. Drop it from up to one meter or splash it with water it will still work.

Whether you are traveling to some of the world’s most defense forests and dark caves or going camping in a close by local area, Arkfeld will make you feel much safer.

Self defense

For the flashlight to be used as a self defense weapon it should generate at least hundred lumens and the body should be powerful enough for striking.

It just takes 60-100 lumens to cause short-term blindness, just imagine what a 1000 lumens Arkfeld EDC flashlight can perform to a person eyes.

One remarkable self-defense feature Arkfeld has is the stroke mode. Strobe modes are mainly designed to disorient a perpetrator by emitting a quickly flashing super bright light.

Save your phone battery

Your phone is not a reliable source of light nor should it be used as a key source of light. Sometimes it can help you get out of the dark but it is not mainly designed to be a source of illumination.

Investing in a reliable EDC flashlight will save your smartphone. You can use your phone battery to perform other vital things like texting, calling, taking photos, making videos, and connecting with your dear ones.


The excellent thing about EDC flashlights is that they are little in size, and little than your regular phone. It is simple to carry them with you wherever you go, you can clip them in your pocket, put them within your purse or even hang them on a keychain.

If we take the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser, for example, this easy to carry flashlight is not only little but it is also slim.

It is time to upgrade your EDC flashlight

A modern EDC flashlight is no longer just a light source. With latest flashlights, you can do a lot more than just light a dark area.

Investing in a flashlight with a green laser prepares you for many situations. You can use as a light source, the green laser can work as a pointer during a presentation or you can use it to play games with your pet.


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