Best Tools to Help You Write a Resume from Scratch

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Here are the best tools to help you write a resume from scratch (Source:

A resume is your ticket to that much-coveted job interview. It’s the first impression of you as a candidate that hiring managers will have. A weak, incoherent, or unprofessional resume can dash your chances of an interview from the get-go, irrespective of how perfectly your skills and experience match the position. 

To save on time, it’s not unusual for many people to borrow dust up an old resume or pick up a friend’s resume then make changes to conform with the requirements of the job they’re applying for. Unfortunately, this would mean adopting a structure, tone, and content that isn’t necessarily suitable for the role you are applying for. 

Reaching out to a team of recruitment and resume writing experts is, therefore, a fantastic solution to this dilemma and can ensure that your resume impresses potential employers. Simply researching a local resume service might be all it takes to discover a few different options so do not be afraid to compare a few different services to ensure that you can get the resume you deserve at the best possible price. Ultimately, no matter where you are jobhunting, there will always be a team of resume writing professionals nearby that can provide support and guidance.

There will thus be times you will want to create your resume from scratch. Use the following tools to ease the process.


If you went on the internet, there may be numerous resume makers available, however, ResumeBuild has a distinct edge, thanks to one of the most advanced resume building technologies in the market. Generate a professional resume instantly. Effortlessly craft the document from scratch by tapping into thousands of ResumeBuild’s pre-written examples and samples. 

See document previews in real-time, so you always know what your resume is going to look like after each change. If you want a leg up on the process, there are dozens of HR-approved templates to choose from that adhere to best practices and industry guidelines.


Canva is probably not one of those online tools that come to mind when you think about creating a resume from scratch. It’s best known as the go-to platform for graphic designers looking to create catchy posters, presentations, infographics, and other visual content. Yet, Canva has one of the most sophisticated resume builders out there. 

Choose from hundreds of templates, adjust colors and fonts as you please, and select your preferred design elements from its enormous library of professional icons, illustrations, and photos. In fact, the enormity of Canva’s library is perhaps its biggest shortcoming. You might spend hours searching and scrolling through the different designs.


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Use one or more of these online tools to create the ultimate resume (Source:

Visme is in some respects a Canva-light. Not only is it less expansive overall but also, as far as resumes go, offers much fewer templates to choose from. While this makes the resume less customizable, it’s main strength is that it’s easier to work with for persons who do not have experience navigating graphic design applications. 

The fewer options also imply you can make your decision on preferred design elements for your resume, quickly. The icons, illustrations, and images you want can be sorted easily by category and sub-category. Visme’s free plan is severely constrained in templates and download formats. However, a Visme subscription would be relatively expensive unless you intend to create more than one resume.

If there was an award for the aptest domain name in the resume building space, then would be difficult to beat. But doesn’t just bank on having the right URL to draw users. It’s one of the best options out there if you want to create a resume from scratch in minutes. The templates range from plain to colorful. 

You can change the descriptions and headers as you please. Reorder the sections accordingly or completely remove those that do not apply to you. You can even import your details from your LinkedIn profile. The key disadvantage with is once you’ve settled on a template, you don’t have that much leeway in determining how the fonts and colors of the final document will appear.

Resume Help

Sometimes you don’t really have a problem creating a visually-appealing resume. Instead, you might be having difficulty expressing and summarizing your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. When words fail you, Resume Help might just be the tool that gets you out of your quandary. 

Choose from the hundreds of pre-written resume samples that you could edit and update with your own details. Select from thousands of pre-written bullet points that will seamlessly plug into your resume. Resume Help works on the mobile, meaning you can edit and send your resume on the go.

Creating your resume from scratch can feel a little daunting. But with the right tools, you can create a resume that’ll open interview doors.


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