How to Get the Perfect Cup of Joe in New Jersey

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Almost everyone needs to start their day with a cup of coffee. As they said, the economy runs on it. But do you really enjoy the coffee that you drink? Or are you just settling for what you have lying around the house? 

Perfect Cup of Joe

There are many ways to ensure that the cup of coffee you are getting is up to your standard. Here are some ways that you can get a perfect cup of joe in New Jersey.

Find the Right Bean

The biggest way to change the taste in your coffee is by changing the type of bean that you are using. This goes a long way towards giving you the perfect taste that you want. Not all beans are created equal either. There are some that are best made for espresso while there are some that work best in regular coffee. It is important that you are aware of everything you need to know about coffee when you start brewing it. There is a bean for every occasion.

Experiment around with the different types of beans as well. Experts will talk about certain beans being the best, but it all comes down to your own taste preferences. Find yourself the right bean that you like and you will notice your coffee becomes that much better.

Gourmet Coffee Shops

If brewing coffee isn’t your thing, look to travel to a gourmet coffee shop and treat yourself to some of the finest coffee in all of New Jersey. These coffee shops are miles ahead of Starbucks and other coffee providers as they take the time to ensure the coffee is made with the right beans and to the right quality. If all you have had throughout your life is coffee at the major establishments, you need to travel to one of these and give them a try.

New Jersey has plenty of different coffee shops as well. A quick Google search will yield tons of results for you to go out and explore. Bring a friend or a coworker and enjoy one of the best cups of coffee you have ever had.

Store Your Beans Properly

If brewing coffee is your thing, you have to ensure that you are taking good care of your beans. Beans will lose their freshness if they are not stored in a proper vacuum sealed container. How many times have you simply stuck coffee beans in a bag and thrown them into a cupboard? Get some mason jars and make sure that you sort the beans by type, you do not want to mix your coffee beans together. Storing them will keep them fresh and allow you to enjoy a great coffee cup.

Know When and How to Grind

The experts say that as soon as coffee is ground, it immediately starts to lose its flavour. Therefore, you should only be grinding your coffee beans just before it is time to brew it. The consistency of your grind matters as well. If you grind too much you will make the coffee too bitter, too coarse and there will not be much flavour to it at all.

coffee new jersey

The type of bean you grind also matters. To get the perfect cup of coffee you will have to experiment with grinding your beans, finding out which ones taste best when ground a certain way.

The Perfect Amount of Coffee

You also need to know how much coffee to add to your water to get the best flavour. Once again, if you add too much the coffee will be extremely bitter, but not enough and there will be no flavour. The only way to ensure a consistent cup of coffee every time is to weigh the grind that you are using.

From there, compare the weight of the coffee to the weight of the water. Generally speaking, the best ratio is 1g of coffee for every 20g of water. Get a scale out and measure it all out to ensure that your coffee is the best it can possibly be.

Change your Brewing Methods

There are plenty of ways to brew coffee and enhance its flavour. While many people go for a standard coffee maker, you can infuse your beans with water overnight to create a cold brew. Or you can use a cone to strengthen the roasting process. Do your research beforehand and try all of these methods out so you can find out the best cup for you.

By following all of these tips, you will be on the right track towards finding a cup of coffee that you love. Coffee is all about preference so don’t let someone else tell you what you want to drink. Have fun experimenting around and enjoy every step of the process. Finding the perfect coffee in New Jersey has never been easier.


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