How to plan an Italy vacation without going broke?

words Alexa Wang

Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and it is not by any coincidence: from its historical significance to its sought after art, architecture, and cuisine, which everyone wants to sample, there is so much to savour in Italy.

However, it just so happens that you can take your dream vacation to Italy without breaking your bank. From cheap holiday apartments to rent in Sorrento, one of the most visited places in Italy, to some price-savvy tips, here is how you travel and relish Italy on a budget.

Italy vacation tips

Plan Selectively and Book Ahead!

Many people try to cram the top tourist destinations like Amalfi Coast, Venice, Florence, Rome in their itinerary to be visited in one week and end up getting overwhelmed by the overpriced food and transportation costs. The best way to explore Italy on a budget is to focus on one area based on your interest; history-buffs can visit Rome, and art lovers can concentrate on Florence. One last tip is to book ahead in the offseason to save money.

Save on Accommodations 

Accommodation is what makes the most significant difference in your spending because there are many high-end options available and saving money on luxury hotels and villas makes a difference of $100 to $1000. The city centre and big cities like Rome, Venice, Milan are the most expensive; therefore you can easily save by staying outside the city centre and around the suburbs and still get a more authentic experience.

Italy vacation

Eat like a local

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. For many tourists sampling authentic Italian cuisine is essential, and we absolutely agree. The good news, you can save up and still savour the flavours by ditching the fancy restaurants and instead eating like the locals. Enjoy your meals at bakeries, bistros, pop-up restaurants, or food markets and festivals. And did you know? the local wine is the cheapest!

Budget Activities 

As a budget traveller, there are still a plethora of options for you to explore in Italy. If you’re interested in art, it’s best to plan your trip around a festival such as the Venice Carnival. Many museums offer online guides and can waive the admission fee on certain days. Cities offer free walking tours, and you can still hike or admire the beauty of churches and basilicas. Notable attractions like Colosseums, Statute of David, Pompeii, etc., also have low ranging ticket prices between ten to twenty Euros.

Public Transportation Everywhere

Finally, you can save a lot of money by switching up your transportation options. Getting around Italy is more accessible and efficient due to the state-of-the-art railway network. The high-speed buses with WiFi and air-conditioning can be more expensive, but you can cut down with the cheaper option, costing you about twenty Euros. In Venice, you can skip the costly gondolier and travel in the water bus or Vaporetto. A last word of advice is to travel light and pack small luggage to avoid heat and discomfort.


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