Essential items for any traveller

Essential items for any traveller – words Al Woods

Every year, and as vacation season approaches, the internet is flooded with dozens of “must haves” for travelers. You may end up making a ton of purchases on impulse, only to realize that you don’t really need to pack all these things. After a few hits and misses, and trials and errors, here is a list of the top five most essential items any traveller will most probably need.


Power Bank

The excitement of visiting a new place is usually overwhelming, and you may want to spend days after days outside discovering, exploring, sightseeing and making friends. Then in the evening, what’s better than experiencing the local bar or restaurant, or a little bit of karaoke in a language you can’t really speak? And you know what comes with that? Pictures! And you know what runs out of battery? Your camera phone! I think I’ve made my case.

Noise Cancelling Earphones

You probably won’t understand what the fuss is all about until you’re stuck on a plane with a crying baby on board for hours on end; or if the next door neighbors at your cozy hostel are partying too hard and you’re trying to get some well deserved sleep in preparation for your next adventure. The good thing about this invention is that even if you’re not enjoying your favorite tunes during the commute, just plugging them into your ears saves you a lot of noise and inconvenience while traveling.

Passport and Document Holder / Bag

You want to be organized when it comes to your documents, money, and passport. Nobody wants to lose any of their important papers while on a trip. In the event that you do lose your passport, please don’t panic. There are sites online where you can figure out what to do. If you reside in America, for example, each state has their own passport office, so a good place to start off would be the passport office in Houston if you are living in Houston, Texas to get an idea of what steps you might need to take in order to get an emergency passport made. The steps will be more of less the same in all states, or even cities around the world. However, just to be sure, make sure you do get some research done in relation to where your passport office may be at any place you  travel to.

It’s a good idea to keep a list of emergency contacts and important services including your cellphone service provider, and your credit card bank. These days, most passport holders also have slots for credit cards, cash and other small items. While some passport holders are worn around the neck, or like cross-body messenger bags, others fit around the waist or are similar to a traditional wallet.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Travel means walking; walking through the city, across the old town, to the local market, hopping from bar to bar, or enjoying a romantic stroll along the banks of a river. You will do a lot of walking on any given trip, and while fashion matters, make sure to pack your trusty comfortable walking shoes – trust me, you will be needing them.

Travel First-Aid Kit

There’s a risk factor to every adventure, mind you, we’ve all stumbled upon something in our own homes or suffered the occasional cut. It’s always a good idea to throw together a small, convenient travel first-aid kit for a rainy day. At a loss for what to pack? Some good suggestions include plasters (band-aids) and bandages; gauze; surgical tape; a small pair of travel scissors; antiseptic wipes; painkillers; antihistamine cream for the occasional bug bite; Loperamide tablets for mild diarrhea; as well as antibacterial creams like Neosporin for any cuts and scrapes you get.

It’s always a good idea to make a list of your travel needs and cross reference after packing to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Packing light goes a long way, but this doesn’t mean skimping on the essentials. And always remember to have fun!



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