Driving to Cancun: Four Things to Know

words Alexa Wang

If you have been thinking to rent a car to explore Cancun, you should do it now. When you are renting a car to an unfamiliar place, it comes with risks. You have to keep factors of traffic regulations and security in mind. Driving in Cancun is generally more convenient than in other areas of Mexico.

The roads are in decent shape and the signage helps you reach places effortlessly. However, there are a few things you should know beforehand to make your Cancun trip hassle-free. Our guide will help you know the essentials to get around in Cancun and enjoy your road trip.

Drive Cancun

Driving Requirements

If you hold a driver’s license which is in English or Spanish, you won’t need an international license. You need to carry your passport, immigration document, vehicle registration as well as insurance. Since American automobile liability insurance coverage is not valid in Mexico, you will need to buy Mexican insurance. Moreover, you’ll need a vehicle import permit if you are taking your own car over the border. Be sure to not leave these documents behind in your car when you leave it parked anywhere.

Car Rental in Cancun

We suggest researching car rentals in Cancun beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Several Cancun Car Rental agencies are offering a different scope of services. Compare prices online to know what advantages you may be getting with each agency. When you arrive at a certain destination, you do not want to worry about commutation. It’s preferable to choose airport Car Rental in Cancun in advance to avail discounts and avoid peak charges. Moreover, you can get to the road and explore a fascinating mix of turquoise waters, ancient ruins, vibrant cities, and crystal-clear cenotes if you had already booked a car rental beforehand.

Road Rules

The Mexican road rules are comparatively loose than those enacted in the United States, Canada, and European countries. It is critical to be ready and mindful that the behavior of other drivers may be different than you usually encounter.  

  • The roads are usually smooth and flat. This may lead to drivers to go fast and get distracted. Be sure to stay attentive and drive per speed limits.
  • Speed limits are mentioned in KMPH rather than MPH. The limit on highways is usually 100km/hour and 60 km/hour near localities.
  • You may not find gas stations close to each other. Make sure that you have your tank filled up if you are taking a long hike.
  • Drinking while driving is illegal. And you can have your insurance invalidated if you get into an accident while drinking.  
  • Children under 12 should be seated in the back seat. The driver and front-seat passenger must wear seat belts. Usage of a cell phone while driving may get you a ticket.
Driving Cancun

In Case of Emergency

While one must always be cautious and take precautions when driving to any foreign country, Cancun, in general, is safe, and renting a car is a regular activity for tourists. It is best to avoid driving when alone and at night. In case of an emergency such as an accident or dangerous encounter, one can get in touch with Mexico’s emergency assistance by connecting 911. For toll road emergencies, one can reach out to Green Angels at 078 for roadside assistance.


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