How To Prepare For A Campervan Trip In The Winter Season?

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If you’re ready for your next adventure, but want something with a bit more oomph, then a winter road trip with a campervan should be your ideal choice. However, you must remember that going on a road trip, in a campervan, does require quite some fore-planning because the last thing you’d want is getting stranded on snowy roads with no solution. 

Hence, we have created this extensive guide that will help you create your perfect road trip plan before you finally head out for your wintry adventure. 

Campervan Trip

The Benefits Of Planning A Wintry Road Trip In A Campervan

According to a well-known company offering camping van rentals, you can expect to enjoy the following set of advantages:

  • With a campervan, you can visit any place you like.
  • Many places provide a unique look that you can only enjoy during the winter season.
  • Ability to perform different adventures such as skiing, ice skating and so on. 
  • There will be some camper grounds that will let you park your campervan without any charges. 
  • Build snowmen and enjoy snow fights on the side of the road. 

The Planning Process For A Campervan Road Trip

Once you’ve finalised your location for the road trip, you should start your planning process. The following set of tips should help you get started:

1. Look Up Camping Sites

Learning the location of various camping sites or campgrounds on your way should be your primary objective. The ideal process to learn their locations is to take a map of the place that you’ll be visiting and then mark the same on the map so that you don’t forget. 

While in this digital age we all tend to use Google Maps, but we suggest using a real, paper map. This is because internet connections can be very sketchy in mountainous regions. 

Campervan tips

2. Pack Enough Blankets For Everyone

Whether you’re going alone or with your family/friends, ensure that you pack enough warm blankets for everyone. You never know when the weather can play spoilsport and thus ruin your entire trip. 

3. Pack All Winter Boots, Clothes, Gloves, Coats And Hats

Having the ideal gear when going for a road trip in the winter season, is crucial. Moreover, if you have any toddlers or babies among your team members, then ensure that you pack some one-piece snowsuits for them. 

4. Carry Some Thermos

It’s winter and you can’t expect to enjoy a hot/warm drink without a thermos flask. Hence, it would be wise to pack at least three to four of them, so that there are enough hot drinks for everyone. 

Finally, don’t forget to carry multiple packets of instant food items because road cooking in the winter season can be challenging. 


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