Simple Ways to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

words Al Woods

Are you looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? These days, many people are looking to reduce their environmental impact which is no surprise when it is such a big and important topic right now. You do not always need to make enormous lifestyle changes to make a positive difference, so read on for a few simple ways to start leading a more sustainable lifestyle today.

More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Fashion

One of the best ways that someone can lead a greener lifestyle is to make positive changes to their fashion habits. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters as it sees people throwing away clothing that is cheap and of poor quality. Instead, you should invest in quality items that will last and items that have been made in a sustainable manner. Additionally, buying and selling on second-hand clothing apps like Depop is a great way to be greener while also savings/making money.

More Sustainable Lifestyle

Grow Your Own Food

Food is another major contributor to environmental impact in terms of food transportation, plastic packaging, travel to and from the supermarket, pesticides and greenhouse cases from livestock farming. There are many positive changes that you can make, including growing your own veg in the garden with a polytunnel that would allow you to enjoy your favourite fruit and veg all year round. In addition to being sustainable, this should also encourage you to eat a healthier diet too.

Drive Less, Walk More

Driving is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and air pollution and an area that every motorist needs to consider. Driving less and walking/cycling more will be better for the environment, free and good for your health. If you need to drive a lot, you might find that switching to an electric car is sensible and will allow you to make big savings over the long term.

Save Energy

Homeowners also need to consider their energy consumption and find ways to reduce this (especially in a time of skyrocketing energy bills). A few positive changes here include a heat pump as an alternative to your gas boiler, using energy efficient appliances and using LED lightbulbs.

Save Water

It is also important to try and conserve water and even things like taking shorter showers and turning off the water while brushing your teeth can make a positive difference.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for positive steps that you can take to reduce your environmental impact. Many people are looking for ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, which is fantastic to see and there are lots of positive changes that you can make. Many of these changes will drastically reduce your environmental impact and allow you to do your part and could help to improve your life in a manner of other ways as well.


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