Make Your Home Sparkle in Style with Waterford Crystal in 2021

words Alexa Wang

This past year we have spent a lot more time in our homes, and when you are spending every day inside, it can make you look at your space a little closer. You want a space you can feel good about – a space you love! 

Upgrading your home is easier and more affordable than you may think. There is no need to remodel your home or paint your walls. You can create a whole new look with new decor pieces. If you are thinking about updating your space, you can make your home sparkle in style with Waterford Crystal. 

Quality crystal shimmers in the light and looks luxurious. It adds an element of glam and elegance that you just can’t get with other decor items. Anything from vases to figurines to glassware will add style and sparkle to your space. The look of the piece and the personality it adds to your room will make a significant improvement. One luxurious piece of crystal can change the whole look of the space. You don’t need to go all out and replace every piece of decor with crystal; you can simply layer a few pieces around your home over time and combine them with your current decor for a curated look.

Explore the world of Waterford Crystal, where luxury and craftsmanship meet to bring sparkle to your home. The article presents a range of exquisite crystal items, including wholesale round glass vases, glassware, and ornamental pieces, all designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior space.

Crystal glasses

Waterford Crystal has always had a reputation for superior quality. The brand has been making crystal in Ireland for over 200 years and was established in an Irish harbor town named Waterford in 1783. They were immediately recognized for their crystal’s clarity and purity, a reputation that has lasted these past 200 years. In 1853, they were forced to close but resumed operations in 1947. At that time, Waterford Crystal was under the expert eye of Miroslav Havel.  The traditional cutting patterns used by Waterford in the early day continued to be used and inspired by the historic Waterford designs, Havel created the now infamous Lismore pattern.  This pattern remains the world’s best-selling crystal. 

Waterford Crystal began with stemware and now includes an extensive collection of crystal pieces. Vases, centerpieces, bowls, fine china, collectibles, chandeliers, ornaments, and paperweights are just a few of the Waterford Crystal items now available. If you want your home to sparkle in style, here are crystal pieces you can add to each room:

Waterford Crystal

Dining Room

Whether it is formal or not, a dining room will feel more sophisticated with a pair of Waterford Crystal Sea Jewel Candlesticks. These candlesticks were designed and crafted by crystal artisans and feature stunning diamond cuts. The cuts give the illusion of an upward motion, which creates a dazzling sparkle effect. The bottom has a swirling cut, giving the appearance of a white-capped wave – which is how these candlesticks got their name, the “Sea Jewel.” Under the light of a candle, these crystal candlesticks will glisten even more. They stand at 10 inches tall and look beautiful in the center of a dining room table or placed on top of a hutch or buffet.   


Incorporating Waterford Crystal into your bedroom decor will add romantic elegance to the room. The Waterford Crystal Love Hand-Finished Double Heart Vanity Tray will look beautiful on your nightstand, vanity, or dresser. It is the perfect spot to keep small jewelry or hair ties. It with glitter in the light thanks to the wedge and cross cuts. This piece may be small, but it has a lot of sparkle! If you love fresh flowers, having a fresh bouquet in a crystal vase on your bedside table will make your home feel like a luxurious five-star hotel!

Living Room

A decorative crystal vase is very versatile. They look stunning on their own, set upon a mantel, bookshelf, or coffee table, and, of course, look great with freshly cut flowers. Waterford Crystal has so many stunning vases it may be hard to choose. Each one features unique cuts and designs. Consider where you want to place the vase and what size would be best. You’ll find them in every shape and size – tall and narrow or short and wide. To add to their versatility, some of the vases also make excellent candle holders. The Marquis by Waterford Hurricane Multi Cut Crystal is both a candle holder and vase. It stands at 7 ¾ inches tall and has a contemporary footed base. A crystal figurine like a cross or angel will also look beautiful on a mantel or shelf. 


A crystal bowl on your countertop or filled with fruit on your kitchen table will look stunning! As an eye-catching piece, it will change the look of your space for the better. The Waterford Crystal Lismore Ellipse Bowl features the infamous Lismore pattern with diamond and wedge cuts. It has incredible clarity and adds a great deal of style. Another great addition to the kitchen is crystal stemware. For everyday elegance, replace your drinking glasses with Waterford Crystal. The Patterns of the Sea set has a unique pattern that was inspired by the beaches in Ireland. These glasses come in a set of six, with each glass representing a different beach along the coast of Ireland. 


If you have a designated area where you keep your fine glassware, brandy glasses, and liquor, replacing store-bought bottles with decanters will give it a much more sophisticated look. Waterford Crystal has a selection of stunning crystal decanters with stoppers that will make your bar selection look much more elegant. 

If you are looking to make some improvements around your home, adding Waterford Crystal will give you a lot of sparkle and a luxurious feel. To see just how stunning the pieces listed here are, check out a Waterford Crystal retailer like ShopHQ has an expansive selection of crystal and home décor from Waterford Crystal.

You spend most of your time at home, and you deserve to love your space. Each piece of décor and furniture should be special to you. To add a lot of style and sparkle, find a piece of Waterford Crystal that speaks to you – you’ll be happy you did!   


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