The benefits of art prints

words Al Woods

Art prints are hugely popular when it comes to kitting out a space with creative. They’ve become a leading trend in interior design, and when you start looking, you’ll notice they’re used absolutely everywhere. From the home and office, to more commercial spaces like shops, restaurants and bars.

benefits of art printsThe Riverbank Art Print by Natalie Rymer

Offering an alternative to original art pieces, these reproductions have a number of advantages, making them a more favourable and go-to choice for many. Here are just some of the benefits that art prints boast, which have got them ranking top.

Access to art

First and foremost, art prints enable you to get hold of beautiful and striking artwork, without having to buy an original. If they didn’t exist, we’d all be missing out on those one-off pieces. And it’s a win win for the artist too, because it means their work can be more widely appreciated and celebrated. Allowing everyone to experience and enjoy the beauty of art, is one of the many benefits that prints have to offer. They make it possible for you to decorate your home with a range of different creative styles – something that would be impossible if originals were the only option. Colin County artists are often reaching out to printing services in Allen Texas so they can spread their unique style and vision to a wider audience. This ensures people can see the artist’s work, even if they might not have access to galleries or exhibitions.

Big on style

Art prints are famed for being contemporary and clean. While original art is limited to the artist’s preferences in terms of medium and final touches, art prints boast a more simple and streamlined finish. This slick style make art prints universally stylish, whatever their setting. 

They’re versatile

There’s nothing quite so versatile as art prints. Where else can you get something in a range of shapes, sizes, colours, designs or styles?

Essentially, you can reshape a piece of art to be exactly what you want. This allows you to consider your room, or space, as well as decor and taste before selecting an art print to suit. For example, you may want a small print to fit a tight corner, or a bold design to provide a focal point – whatever your criteria, you can select an art print to fit.

More materials & frames

They can be created using different printing methods and on different print materials. This includes giclee printing, with the use of large format inkjet printers and a spraying process, which is preferred among artists and photographers, as it allows greater detail and colour-match. You can also choose between fine art paper, and watercolour paper; each with varying thicknesses and textures, helping create artistic effects while providing robust quality.

Being flexible with the print itself, means you can get creative when it comes to framing too. Taking the print’s subject, you can choose a frame to offset the colours, add depth to the picture, or even represent a foregone era. With such a wealth of options, you can be playful and put a truly unique stamp on your print.

Long-lasting life

Art prints often replicate the colours of the original piece down to a tee. What’s more, this method of printing means the colours won’t run or fade over time, which is often the case with hand painted art. For this reason, art prints stand the test of time and have a really long shelf life, staying bold and fresh for years to come.

As an added bonus, you’ll be less protective over an art print in comparison to an original art piece – meaning you can place it in a particularly sunny spot, like a conservatory, which is prone to discolouring items from exposure to the sun.

Nice price tag

Finally, art prints don’t come with the higher price tag associated with original pieces of art, which is a huge draw. (Original pieces can often be in the thousands or even millions, especially if you veer toward the greats!) This means you can fill your home or space with lots more pieces, allowing you to enjoy art around every corner.

For inspiration on your next art print, have a look at the Whistlefish hand-framed and giclee printed range. With both contemporary and traditional options, you’re bound to find something perfectly fitting for your space.






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