Making a Splash: How to Arrive in Style

words Alexa Wang

arrive in style

When you want to make a good impression, whether at a party, with new friends, or at a new school, the best thing to do is to arrive in style! While arriving in style can often have you met with contempt, it is better to have people jealous than thoroughly disinterested.

Good impressions are always the first thing you will want to do when you meet people for the first time and arriving in style will allow for that. However, there is a line between arriving in style and arriving arrogantly.

In order to make the best impression possible, you must make sure you do not appear that way.

Hire a Limousine

Perhaps the best way to turn up to that party you have been invited to be in a limousine. Arriving in a limousine is the epitome of high society and is sure to draw lustful eyes. The professionals at say that hiring a limousine isn’t as difficult as it once was and that they can be leased for much cheaper than they would have been at one time. Many years ago, limousines were a staple of the upper classes, but now, thankfully, anybody can hire a limousine rather inexpensively. They can be a great way to meet new friends and treat your current ones.

When hiring a limo, you have many options. Whether you decide to hire a Hummer limousine or a more traditional limo. You can get party buses that are a great way to arrive in style and keep the party going after the nightclub or party ends. What is a better way to arrive in style than in a limousine, music pumping, with your friends ready to go, and new friends ready to mingle! Networking is a great way to meet lifelong friends and the best way to network is to appeal to your new potential friends and have something in common!

Get a New Outfit

arrive in style

When you are going to a party, a new school, or just planning on arriving in style to an engagement, perhaps the best and most effective way is to look the part. A new outfit can completely change the way people perceive you and consider you. Arriving in style can be difficult when the clothes you wear are tatty, and after all, you wouldn’t be arriving in style, would you? Stylishness is subjective to every single person and you should not feel the need to conform to other people’s opinion of style, but at the same time, should always look presentable and appear the best version of yourself you can.

If you are arriving at an engagement that requires you to look smart the best way is always a black, or black dress. Black suits and dresses are a classic way to arrive in style and can be accentuated with accessories if you accessorize correctly. If you are arriving at a less formal event and want to show up in style you could consider buying yourself a new polo T-shirt or a new summer dress. Make sure your footwear looks the part, as oftentimes our shoes are the first thing strangers judge us on when looking at our outfits.

Arrive with an Entourage

The most classical way to arrive in style is to arrive with a well-dressed and well-groomed entourage. An entourage, when chosen correctly, can help you to stand out and bring a lot more attention to you. However, when arriving with an entourage you must make sure you do not choose a group of rapscallions who will make you look bad. Your friends can say a lot about you, and if you arrive with a group of rambunctious, fun-loving, screaming friends, people will not consider you as having arrived in style, but rather arriving as a nuisance. Your friends should be a reflection of yourself and should behave according to the event you are attending, so you can look professional and mature.

Appearing immature on the first meeting can often put people off, and while you do not have to appear overly serious all of the time when meeting people, it is best to not show your immature character traits, or friends, when you are attempting to arrive in style. You can still have a good time, but measured, and with control. Appearing to be out of control is not stylish and will only have people consider you contemptuously and wish you were not there, as you will ruin it for everybody else. When you are trying to arrive in style be sure you are arriving stylishly for yourself and not for anybody else. Do not conform to someone else’s idea of what style is and be yourself.  Trying overly hard to appear stylish has been often see-through and not the stylish way to approach a situation.


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