Tips for styling your home interior like the Pros

Tips for styling your home interior like the Pros – words Alan Woods

All homes should have a theme that can highlight the overall décor. There are different themes that you can choose from that will help to make your home more beautiful.

Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe space where you can awaken every morning in familiar surroundings. From cool composure to cozy comfort to an aura of well-being and exhilaration, your home offers you so much and so when styling your home you want to ensure the interior is nothing more than luxurious and fabulous.

Consider the following tips and themes when planning which home decor to select to accentuate the visual appeal of your interior space.

Paint Color

When choosing the paint color for your walls and ceilings, you have a choice. While a shade of white can flatter almost any skin tone, you may want to choose bold color such as brown, black or a deep shade of red.

Neutral colors will work best if you want your home to have a minimalist theme. In fact, monochromes and rugs with geometric designs will help to give your home a sleek, modern look.


Style Your Bathroom Like You Live in a Hotel

This simply means that you should keep the counter space in your bathroom free from products. There should not be any curling irons, blow dryers or toothbrushes in the way. The only items you should keep on your counter are a few products that are enclosed in pretty packaging. For example, you can place a few rolled towels in a basket and place it on the counter alongside a small potted plant.

Make Your Coffee Table Look Stylish

Is the coffee table the one area of the home where everything gets dumped? Are there car keys, mail and cups cluttering your coffee table? Clean up the clutter and redesign your coffee table just like the pros do.

The first thing you will want to do is place an item that is beautiful and large in the center of the table. Some examples are:

  • A floral plant in a large pot
  • A large bowl filled with something interesting

After you have created the centerpiece, build the rest of your design from it. Poetry, books, candles or a sculpture will all add personality to your coffee table, and the table will become the focal point of the room. You can also make it a conversation piece for your guests by changing the design on a regular basis.

Seating Area in the Bathroom

If you are really going for a minimalist theme, it may seem counterproductive to place more furniture into your bedroom. However, if you have the extra space, you should consider adding a bench or chair that has been upholstered. Place it in the corner along with a small side table, and it will actually give the illusion that your bedroom is larger.

Layered Lighting

Lighting will help make a room, and ambient lighting will give an aura and personality to a room. Take table lamps and floor lamps and place them in the room at different heights. This is considered the epitome of romance design.

Chandeliers and other types of hanging lights should hang low over the dining table, but in other areas of the home, they should be higher so your guests can walk underneath them. While adding scones to a larger room will look beautiful, they can take up a lot of space in small rooms and limit design options.


Remember the Outside

Your outdoor space does not have to be neglected. If you have enough outside space, you can divide the space like the interior of your home. Any furnishings that you select should be related to what you are doing in the individual spaces.

You can simply add two chairs and drink table in one corner of your yard, and suddenly you have another room.


Create a Great First Impression

Statistics show that you will only have seven to eight seconds from the time you open your door for your guests to get a response from them. If you want an immediate response, paint the front door of your home a color no one would expect. Not only will it create conversation and reactions, it will also show that you take care of your home.

The final tip is to never let your interior become boring. Add various shapes, sizes and colors of decorative pillows to create ambiance and intrigue. You do not want boring dinner parties, so keep it interesting for your guests.

Tips for styling your home interior like the Pros – words Alan Woods


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