Top tips for choosing clothes for this summer

Top tips for choosing clothes for the summer – Al Wokowski

What should you wear this summer? It’s a question you need to think carefully about, as those rising temperatures will necessitate many of us wearing fewer – or, at least, thinner – clothes than usual.

If you’re going to flash more flesh with your summer clothes, you should at least do so in a thoughtful manner. Here, we have gathered together our best tips for choosing clothes for those summer trips for both men and women.

tips for choosing clothes

Make sure your shorts aren’t overly short

Shorts of ultra short length are unlikely to flatter your figure. Stylish summer clothes need thinking about. Therefore, check that your chosen shorts will hover above your knee; otherwise, you could put on Capri pants. Another good choice would be combat-style cut-off pants, which you could pair with a t-shirt and flip flops for a particularly striking look. Just make sure that, whatever shorts you select, you never wear them in the office. Trust us – even when “tailored”, they won’t make you look good in the workplace!

Ladies: want to wear a summery dress? Choose your underwear carefully

If you are a woman, you could be thrilled at the thought of wandering out in a summery dress that, along the way, flows beautifully behind youif you know how to choose clothes for your body type. However, such a flimsy dress leaves you at risk of the dreaded VPL. Yes, we mean Visible Panty Line!

If you remain intent on wearing this kind of dress, the Daily Mail recommends choosing between two underwear options: a G-string or larger-than-usual briefs. While the G-string will rid you of any VPL, make sure that the size is sufficiently large to fit you comfortably. If it still seems too revealing, try briefs that are shorts-style or feature a tummy-control panel. It’s also important to think about how to choose a dress for your skin color especially if it is see through!

tips for choosing clothes

Underwear that women consider should include bras

Staying on the subject of women’s underwear, any ladies favouring a vest top should also check that their bra coordinates with it. Thankfully, these days, you don’t have to worry about how anyone might react if you leave your bra straps exposed. However, whatever bra you wear when out and about should be one of your best and priciest. An old, greying bra strap is bound to distract – and not in a good way – from the otherwise beautiful effect that a slinky camisole could bring.

Don’t give boots the… boot

Footwear can make a much bigger impact than its physical size might lead you to believe. In summer, you could be especially eager to put on sandals. That’s fine, though we would advise you to avoid them if you can’t, every morning and night, apply surgical spirit to your skin and spend a week getting used to wearing sandals in the house before you go outside with them. Otherwise, your feet could too easily pick up unsightly blisters.

Men could opt to wear boots – particularly the luxury sneakers called chukkas, which – Men’s Journal observes – “are not quite a shoe and not quite a full boot”. This is the “beauty” of them, the site says – and chukkas are available in a range of colours from Dickies Life.

Top tips for choosing clothes for the summer and how to choose clothes for guys – Al Wokowski


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