5 tips to execute a budget friendly wedding

words Alexa Wang

budget wedding

There are some milestones in life that are truly life changing and memorable. You try to make them as memorable as possible by putting in more effort and planning. Sometimes it takes a lot of money too to make things more memorable. Weddings are one such event that can drain all your finances in your quest for a memorable event.

The kind of events, venue, a fat guest list and that wedding dress you have been dreaming about all your life can be obscenely expensive if you do not tread carefully. You can always shift your focus to other factors and use them fully without letting the wedding budget go through the roof. Here is a list of some tips that will help you in executing a very budget friendly wedding and will be remembered for a very long time. 


This tip is not directly related to the wedding budget but can have a huge impact on it. You ought to be clear about how much money you have in total and what are the important events or things that will need money in the future. Weddings are not the end of life. Your parents might have another child whose future they want to secure or you as a couple might be thinking about buying a new place or planning to travel. Prioritise every factor, and allot money to each accordingly. Making a rough estimate for everything will be a good start. This is the best way not to get pressured into doing things that you might regret later. 


Thorough research is always beneficial for an event like weddings. It will help you in choosing the best options and will also help you in finding people who charge genuinely. While you analyse which vendors are the best, you can also compare the costs. If you are looking for budget wedding photography packages in Adelaide you can easily avail them by searching online.

Don’t choose the first wedding photography packages you come across. Look at wedding photography packages and choose the one that suits you the best.


A wedding  is carried out by a battery of vendors. Each vendor is equally responsible and important for the implementation of all the activities. Prioritise the vendors according to your needs. If you feel that the best food should be served, get the best caterers and if you do not want to spend a lot of money for decorations, spend a little less for that. You do not have to be the best in every aspect at your wedding. 


The wedding season is a very busy time. It is also an expensive time when every vendor is charges a bomb because they know this is the time to make most money. Try to fix dates around that time of the year which is not the peak season and is convenient for everyone. This way you can get your favourite venues easily without spending hefty amounts of money. A budget friendly wedding does not mean that you have to give up your favourite choices but it means that you are acting smart.


Making off season purchases can make a huge difference to the total amount you have to spend for things that you need for the wedding. Buying wedding dresses when the prices are low or buying when the prices are discounted can make a huge difference to the total bill. 

You can also cut down on the decor expenses by being creative and not using too many fresh flowers. 

Remember budget friendly weddings are not a farce. It just takes some strategic planning and creativity to throw that memorable wedding without making a big hole in the pocket.


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