Book yourself a free MOT this Autumn

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Book yourself a free MOT this Autumn – words Alexa Wang

That looming MOT test for your beloved car is welcomed with a groan by most of us. We know we have to get ’round to it but will do almost anything to put it off.

We know, of course, that the safety of our car is paramount and know logically that a MOT makes a lot of sense but picking up the phone and booking a MOT is not a call most of us look forward to.


Do you go for an established high street brand or for a local garage who might give you a more personal service? Another fear is money. What if they miraculously find a long list of repairs that will hit your bank balance and stop you from being able to spend your hard earned cash on other essential items?

Apparently 53% of drivers admit that they have no idea when their MOT inspection is even due. 16% of motorists also admit to putting off fixing faults until their next scheduled service. Yes, us car owners need a break when it comes to facing up to the much bemoaned MOT test. Well, now Halfords Autotcentre has just launched a new initiative designed to help world-weary motorists keep their car on the road and keep motorists safe this autumn.

So, if you buy any product at Halfords you will be able to get a free MOT. The offer last until 14th October. The offer can be redeemed at any Halford Autocentre over the next 13 months so plenty of time for us all to benefit. This is a busy time of year from MOTs. This month will see nearly half a million cars need a MOT for the first time. Halfords have over 300 autocente across the country so there’ll be one near you no doubt.

For more information on the free MOT offer go to

Book yourself a free MOT this Autumn – words Alexa Wang


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