The Best Things in Chicago You Cannot Miss Out On

words Alexa Wang

Restaurants, events, vacations, hotels, and entertainment- all together encompass the city of Chicago. It is one of the most vibrant and populated cities, with a large number of museums and art institutes to provide a venture from the humdrum of urban life.

Chicago stands high on Lake Michigan in Illinois with its beautiful architecture and offers tourists and locals with some palatable delicacies like hot dogs, sausages, and also some enthusiastic jazz music to uplift your mood. Go out on a shopping spree on stalls and markets to collect gifts and souvenirs.

Here is a list of some of the best things you may consider doing in Chicago to get to enjoy the place to its fullest. 

Best Things in Chicago

Outdoor Activities to Do in Chicago

The third-largest city with a skyline of high-rise buildings offers a broad spectrum of adventurous outdoor activities to keep you engaged and active. Rent a kayak and embark on a water tour. Navigate along the swirling waters and catch a glimpse of the iconic historical structures. You may even opt for kayaking at night and take a look at the spooky places around the city.

Rent a stand-up paddleboard and explore Lake Michigan, or you may make a walking tour through the town, pausing at places to feed yourself with delicacies. If you are a mountaineering enthusiast, set off for a rock-climbing experience at Maggie Daley Park or hike on the 606 trail that snakes past vast green stretches and railroads.  

Best Parks to Visit in Chicago

Want to escape the metropolis and relax amidst the lush green? Or want a place for your kids to play? Chicago presents you with several parks that let you refresh and rejuvenate. The Lurie garden in the Millennium Park blooms with flowers throughout the year and allows the visitors to take a lovely walk in the garden. If you are in Chicago during the festival season, make sure you visit Grant Park.

Sports enthusiasts make their way to Garfield Park that has provisions for playing baseball, badminton, swimming, and other sports. A connoisseur of art and culture would find it mesmerizing to be at South Shore Cultural Centre. 

Group Activities to Do in Chicago

Experience the vibrancy of the city. Chicago offers plenty of options if you are out there with a large group or maybe with your closest circle and want to engage in interactive activities. Play ping pong or go sky diving. You may even take a look at the cook, complete, and dine culinary team building event at Chicago Dine-Around. Play fun games like Escape Room and create intensely enjoyable memories.  

Wine Tours in Chicago

Escape the monotony of the city and relax at the scenic, suburban wine manufacturing areas. Enjoy a wine tour with lunch in the southwestern part of Michigan. Learn how the grapes are affected by the climate, taste some brews, and relax in the abundance of agricultural farms surrounding you. You may consider taking an underground Pedway tour to taste wine, chocolates, and more. Build a plan to venture out on the Fox River Wine tour, a six-hour program that takes you on a trip to the burgeoning brewing factories and treats you with unique wine and a gourmet lunch.  

Chicago best bits

Things to Do at Night in Chicago

If you are a wild-hearted, adventure-loving person, explore Chicago at night. Nibble a pizza at the Skydeck or dine at Carnival and feel the festive mood all around. Go on a water tour on a kayak around the city, stopping at spooky places. Tune in to the rhythm of the late-night jazz at the Green Mill, a regular spot for the gangsters a long time back, or find a place to dance at a free music show in Lincoln Park. 

Bachelor’s Party Ideas at Chicago

In a place throbbing with life, Bachelor’s Party can be diverse. Include sky diving activities, or you may consider a beer tour or cocktail class to complement the dinner. Go on bar hopping or laugh your heads off at the Comedy Club to make the day memorable.  

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