Pool party essentials: The dos and don’ts

words Alexa Wang

Summer is here and its time to flaunt your poolside story. Pool parties make summer weekends a memorable affair, and of course, you can splash on a weekday too. If you have got a pool, well, you are halfway there, but that is not the only requirement for a splash bash. Poolside get-togethers can also go bloody wrong at times, so make sure that you’ve done planned it well. 

As far as pool parties go, the obvious priorities for you should be the safety, comfort, and entertainment of your guests (in that order). But no wuckas, mate! Here are some essentials to make your pool party safe and enjoyable for everyone.

The DOs 

Ready your pool

Clean your pool, check all systems of filtration, pumps, etc. and complete repairs needed. According to your preference, put up rules about eating in the pool, etc. for safety.

Provide smart food options

The menu should consist of light food that’s easy and non-messy to eat, can withstand the heat outside, and can be prepared in advance like mini-sandwiches, fruit salads, veggies with dip, etc. If you are firing up the Barbie, have it ready beforehand.

Offer shade

The sun can overheat after some time, provide tables, lounge chairs, etc. in shady areas. Put up a couple of portable fans, cool water-filled foot dippers, umbrellas and canopies for some pool downtime.

Plan entertainment and décor

Opt for a theme with luau and tiki torches, or accessorise with floats and beach balls but give a good thought to the ambience of your pool party. Also, arrange for pool and lawn games, and music too so that your guests never know a dull time.

The DON’Ts

Forget the hydration

While the pool party excitement rises, don’t let your guests get dehydrated, so arrange for sunhats galore and keep coolers around the area for them to grab a cold one anytime.

Leave kids unattended

Pool accidents with kids around is always a possibility. Employ the services of a lifeguard if, as a host, you feel you won’t be able to responsibly take up the work or delegate supervision of kids among a couple of adults.

Skip the towels

While a lot of guests bring their towels, it is part of a good host’s duty to provide towels for drying, wrapping, or spreading on the grass. Also, don’t forget towel racks, hooks, or baskets for the wet, used ones. Mizu Towels is, undoubtedly, one of the best Japanese towels you would come across. They combine high-absorbency and fast-drying features of a Japanese cotton bath towels with durability, softness, and hygiene. Such that, you end up with a self-cleaning luxury towel that will last a long time.

Forget the first-aid

Don’t forget to plan for mishaps and keep the first-aid box stocked and handy. Also, make sure that sunscreen is available to your guests and stock lots of ice in the kitchen.

If you’re planning a pool party, keep the above dos and don’ts in mind, and you’re all set for the fun. However, don’t forget to call in the experts at Maple Pools to check the status of your star attraction—the pool. They will make sure that your guests have the best pool party experience ever!


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