How to find an amazing venue as your wedding destination

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Isn’t it exciting to plan a wedding? Every bride gets eager when it comes to choosing the right cake or flowers, right? However, the more important decision when it comes to planning this special moment is the venue! Yes, the actual place or wedding destination is what creates a magical atmosphere.

So, what kind of romantic destination will you choose to share the special moments with your significant other, your family and friends? A lot of people dream about experiencing the most beautiful day of their lives at exquisite venues on a distant destination: beautiful restaurants, gardens, exotic beaches to places that have immense historical value.

However, having a wedding out of your hometown will require a lot of organization and thinking about all the details beforehand. At the end, you’ll be miles away from anyone that can offer a helping hand, at a destination where you might not even know the language. So, where would you choose to get married?

To help you out we are sharing some tips on how to choose a venue among plenty of stunning destinations around the world!

What Is Your Budget?

When planning a destination wedding, you have to determine the amount of money that you want to spend. A destination wedding requires additional expenses such as costs for travel and accommodation. However, these expenses vary from the guest count, the distance of the destination, the type of transportation, to the place where you and your guests will stay. If you choose a destination wedding you can cut on other expenses. Don’t worry because you can have an amazing wedding even with a low budget!

Determining your wedding budget upfront can help you narrow down the vast choice. Even with a limited amount of money you can fly to an exotic beach, have a road trip to beautiful countries or check out some cool resorts. All you need to have is imagination!

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Finish The Guest List

Your guest list can have an impact on the potential venue. For that reason, make sure to estimate your guest count. If you plan a bigger wedding, then you will need a venue with a larger space in case the wedding is not outside.

Similarly, the types of guests that you invite can have an influence on your decision, especially if you are planning to invite older people or small kids. In this case, choosing a venue that is kid-friendly and easily accessible by strollers and wheelchairs should be your priority.

Contact An Experienced Wedding Planner

Getting in touch with a professional and experienced wedding planner can be a great idea. Since you’ve never organized a wedding before your very own, contacting an expert solves all your issues easily. The planner is more familiar with organizing, space capacities, themes, guest arranging, and other details.

Additionally, the planner can give you advice on how to choose the right venue for you and turn your vision into a unique reality. Most of the time, big resorts or wedding places collaborate with planners or help you organize your wedding by offering support.

Choose an experienced team to coordinate and plan your wedding. This way they’ll help you find a specific location that is perfect for everyone’s dream wedding. Make sure that having help in the process will make it easier in terms of planning and decision making.

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Select A Venue To Fit Your Vision

When it comes to choosing the right venue, what can help you make a decision is finding a place that fits your aesthetic and personality and that will compliment your vision? If you are looking for a more modern look, you can go for sophisticated and well-designed restaurants, a fascinating venue in the mountain ranges, an art gallery or other elegant locations.

If you and your spouse are adventurous people that enjoy the sunshine and going to the beach, then consider locations with amazing beaches such as Spain, Cuprys, Turkey, Croatia, Australia or some exotic destinations like Jamaica. According to Rose Hall, you can actually have a wedding at the perfect beachy destination with a twist of history and meaning. A merge of the best from both worlds is what most couples would choose!

Another popular idea for a luxury wedding for those with a bigger budget is an outdoor wedding. If you and your significant other enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, then a venue such as a lavish resort, spaces with magnificent architecture and dazzling decorations might be the right choice for you. For those who are more adventurous, outdoor venues like parks, remote villages, ranches, and big backyards will be the best option.

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Do Some Research Or Choose Your Favorite Travelling Spot

Do some online research and observe reviews, forums or traveling sites about different venues. It’s important to know and see other couples’ opinions and experiences. In addition, you can look for brochures, pictures, and inspirations of different wedding themes on social media as well.

Sometimes, you and your spouse’s favorite destination that you have previously traveled to can be the right venue for you. This way you will get married in a venue that shares a special meaning for you as a couple.

An equally important thing that you can take into consideration is your personal styles and hobbies. If you enjoy some special hobbies, then you can select a venue where you can incorporate them and that way you can leave a personal touch to the ceremony.

What to Consider When Choosing A Venue?

  • Depending on where you are going, think about the weather and the climate as well. Try avoiding hurricane seasons and extremely hot and humid weather as well as very cold temperatures. The weather can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the wedding, especially if it is an outdoor one.
  • Find out more about travel restrictions.
  • Select a suitable wedding theme that will represent you as a couple and that will complement the beauty of the venue. 
  • When it comes to your guests, take into consideration places that have reasonable accommodation options and destinations that have plenty of activities to offer for everyone.


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