Top 5 Free Ways To Make Money Online

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Whether you are strapped for cash or want to save up for something big like a vacation, it’s always a great idea to make extra money. For people with a full time job or full time responsibilities, getting a part time job or leaving the home really isn’t an option. This is especially true due to the pandemic.

Because of the Internet, there are tons of free ways to make money online. Whether you have a special skill or not, the Internet provides you tons of opportunities for making some extra cash. Here are the top 5 free ways to make money online:

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1.      Online Surveys

Get paid for taking surveys at home. By taking online surveys, you get paid for your opinion. Probably sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong.

Survey sites connect you with marketers and companies who need honest feedback from consumers like you. These companies need feedback on goods and merchandise to know what to produce and market, which is why they will pay you to take paid online surveys. Most online survey sites will pay you either via PayPal or through gift cards to popular restaurants and stores.

2.      Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is basically when you work for yourself through contract work. Whether you are a writer, musician, or programmer, you will likely be able to find freelancing work online. To find freelancing gigs, it is best to go to freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr. One great part about freelancing is that it can go on your resume, and some people even make a full time salary by freelancing.

Make Money Online

3.      Test Websites

Similar to taking online surveys for money, you can also test web sites and apps, getting paid by providing your feedback about them. Through sites like, you get paid for 20 minute tests of up and coming websites. Simply test out the website to see how it works and then supply critical feedback about it. Some sites pay you even more to have a virtual chat with consumers.

4.      Sell Items Online

Do you have old clothes you want to get rid of? How about arts and crafts that are cluttering your kitchen? Sell items like these online. Really, you can sell just about anything online as long as it is hygienic and not overly worn. Sites like eBay are great for selling used clothes and items. For selling homemade goods, you might want to try Etsy instead. The online marketplace is not just limited to physical items like old clothes or handmade crafts. The digital domain also presents a unique and diverse market. In the contemporary internet age, there’s an unexpected range of digital goods that people are willing to buy. This includes everything from digital art to eBooks, from stock photography to, believe it or not, feet pics. Yes, you read that right. There’s a niche market out there where feet pics sell. It might sound unusual, but some people have turned it into a profitable side business. The key is to approach it with professionalism, ensuring safety and privacy. 

5.      Tutor Online

Have a degree? Try becoming an online tutor to make some extra money. Becoming an online tutor is a great way to make some extra money while helping other students. Because of COVID-19, the need for tutors has increased dramatically. Whether you specialize in literature or calculus, you’re likely to find a student in need online, just follow these easy tips on how to succeed while starting your tutoring business. 


Thanks to the Internet, making income legitimately from home is easier than ever. By taking free paid online surveys or selling off old items online, you can easily supplement your current income, all while watching TV and wearing your pajamas.


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